Edgars Fashion / Edcon / jet booklet being charged for without my consent

I have an Edgars Account. I use to receive statements on my cellphone which I could never open and so requested snail mail. I was informed that to get the statement delivered to me via mail I had to physically go in to the store, which I did do. I received the first month's statement via mail but the following month it was back on my phone. This time I was informed that due to the post office strikes they cancelled the snail mail. I had to once again go in to make arrangements to receive my statements via post. Since then I have received postal deliveries, but noticed two months ago a jet charge of R 30. I queried this and asked for this unauthorized charge to be removed from my account and to be reimbursed for any other months I was charged for. I was notified that the book was taken off my account, but once again I have been charged R 30. This can only mean that the Jet Club Book was never taken off in the first place. I want this amount removed from my Edgars Account and to be reimbursed for any unauthorized monies added onto my account.

Apr 08, 2016

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