Edgars Fashion / Edconedgars not refunding me

I have placed an online order with Edgars for the amount of R699.90 on the 16th December 2016, this was intended as a gift for Christmas.
I then received an email from Edgars on the 19th December 2016 that stated the order has been dispatched with a courier called Fast n Furious Couriers.

On the 21st of December I phoned Fast n Furious Couriers numerous times in order to track my parcel. The number kept on ringing and I eventually came through to the Durban office as their “Head Office” in JHB purely refused to answer. I was told that “someone” at the JHB office will get back to me, needless to say I was already displeased at this point. I was never phoned back, I then tried phoning the JHB office later that day and I came through to a lady that stated they have indeed received the parcel and it will be dispatched with the driver the following day.

Thursday 22nd December, the supposed day of delivery, came and went with no delivery taking place. I phoned Fast and Furious couriers again on Friday 23rd December. After numerous attempts again at getting through I finally came through and it was now stated to me that there was an error on the delivery address, which clearly was not the case as I doubled checked the delivery address on my order confirmation with Edgars. I was then told they will try and deliver on the Saturday as this was an urgency because of it being a Christmas gift and that I would be phoned back later in order to resolve the issue.

I then had to phone back later the afternoon because once again no one came back to me. I spoke to the same lady and now it was stated to me that the parcel was not on the floor and they will quickly check with the drivers if it was with one of them. I was then phoned back with the news that now they do not know where the parcel is and that it wasn’t scanned in by any of the drivers. I was fuming at this point and was told that they will get back to me to resolve this.

I then got off the phone with them and contacted Edgars Online Complaints Team to bring this situation to their attention. I spoke to a lady which then created a reference number and I requested that they should refund me for the order as the parcel has now been lost by their courier company. She told me that she lodged the complaint for a refund at that she would get back to me by the following Tuesday. I also went ahead after the telephonic conversation with Edgars and submitted a complaint against Fast and Furious Couriers on Hello Peter and also sent both Fast And Furious Couriers and Edgars an email explaining the whole situation for hard copy proof as well as containing the link to the Hello Peter complaint.

To this date I never received any further correspondences or apology from Fast and Furious Couriers nor have they responded to my Hello Peter complaint or any other complainants, which there are many.

To cut a long story short, I have now been fighting for over a month now with Edgars to get my refund out of them and I am constantly being sent from pillar to post with one excuse after another.
I am also never able to get a hold of anyone in a managerial position as no one wants to do the effort to put me through when I ask. After approaching Social Media now with my complaint I received correspondence from their supposed "Digital Marketing Manager".

Once again, now I am only receiving promises and excuses and the issue is still not resolved. I have given them till COB (25th January 2017) to refund me as well as including my banking details in the email.

I was once again told that their Finance department has issued the refund and that I should wait for a notification at which point I asked for a proof of payment for the refund amount of R699.90 into my bank account where once again I only received excuses, which means they are blatantly lying to me.

When will this issue be resolved and how much longer do I have to fight. I have now approached both the Consumer Ombudsman as well as the national consumer commission.

Edgars is clearly just wiping themselves off on their customer complaints.

Jan 26, 2017

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