Edgars Fashion / Edcon / being stripped naked by edgars security guard in the name of shoplifting

birch acres mall tembisa, ZA

I visited Edgars in Tembisa to purchase clothing on Saturday the 12th November2016. I am still shocked about what the security at the store humiliated me. I was having a runny nose as I was busy looking at clothes in the womens department constantly opening my bag to take out a tissue paper to wipe my nose and the security at their camera apparently saw all this and suspected me of stealing. I decided to buy three vests and then went to the fitting rooms to fit. As I was inside the room I heard a phone ringing, the two male employees manning the fitting room where phoned by the security in the camera room telling them to search me because of being suspected of stealing. I could hear the employees telling the security that they wont search me because it is against procedure to search in the fitting rooms. I took my vests and go to the tills where I paid with my card as a loyal Edgars account holder. As I approach the exit I saw four nametagless security guards waiting at the door. They seached my bag and found nothing, they then checked my purchased clothes and slips butfound nothing stolen. I thought they were satisfied that I did not steal anything until they took me to the fitting rooms whereby a female security guard stripped me to my bra and finally to my underwear to complete nakedness all in the name of being a suspected thief. I have never been humiliated like this in my life. I also work in retail and I know the functions of the camera room and how a body search must be performed. I intend to take this matter to the Human Rights commission and the media to tell how Edgars allows their contracted security company to treat its loyal customers with disrespect. The treatment is a very unforgatable experience and it will remain a scar in my heart as a mother and an Edgars customer. It is very painful to be stripped naked in the name of saying that the store is based in Tembisa location where shoplifting is a fashion. What about our rights as customers?

Nov 12, 2016

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