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Good day.
I lay-byed an Adidas takkie from your Edgars active store in Tygervalley Centre. The last date of payment was 25 March 2017, which was last week Saturday. I asked the associate that was assisting me, should I bring it back for any reason, how much time I had to do so, she said that I have 30 days to come and refund or exchange the item. At the time I didn't think that I was going to take it back as I wanted that takkie for a very long time. However a few days after purchasing it, when fitting it on again I found that the shoe was a bit too narrow and was not fitting the way I wanted it to. I then decided to take the item back as I was not going to keep something that I was not going to wear. I only fitted it on once. Today, 2 April 2017 I walked into the Edgars Active Tygervalley store. As I approached the til point I greeted the associate behind the counter. I explained to her that I took the takkie on lay-bye but that it did not fit properly and I want to return it. The associate did not have a name badge on. She then asked me if I don't want to exchange it for something else, but I explained that I unfortunately did not have the time to do that. She then shouted for the manager from behind the til point (at this stage he was in the stockroom)He then came out and she went on to do the return on the system. She asked me if the item was on sale and I said I was not sure. The manager and the associate were then discussing something, which I assume could possibly have been how they were going to process the return. The associate then asked me and I quote "can I have the card you paid with" ... I then gave her the card, she inserted it into the machine and said and I quote "your card is expired" . I told her that it couldn't be as my card only expires in November 2017. She then opened the til took out the money (her manager was standing next to her making sure she had enough money in the til to process the refund). I looked to my left and within a matter of seconds this associate literally started STOMPING her feet on the floor and started mumbling as if she was throwing a tantrum. At this point I was not sure what the issue was or the reason for her reaction however I was very shocked. I was shocked at the fact that she would be doing this infront of a customer and I was even more that the manager that was standing diagonally behind her stood there and didn't utter a word to correct her or repremand her about her behaviour which she clearly needed. She counted the money and put it down on the counter and said and I quote "have a nice day" and walked away. She didn't even look up at me. I was SO shocked at this behaviour that I didn't even know what to say. Now I consider this pathetic and disgusting customer service. I also work in the retail/customer service industry so I know about delivering excellent customer service. I know customers are not always right but that kind of behaviour from an associate is UNACCEPTABLE on EVERY possible level. I called the store back to find out what the name of the associate is as I mentioned before she was not wearing a name badge. I then learned that her name is Mauretha. The manager on duty was Wayne. I don't consider myself to be a difficult customer as I work in this industry as well and I know what a difficult customer is like, besides that it's not in my nature to be difficult but I will have you know that I will never shopping at your Tygervalley Edgars Active branch again. This was the worst customer experience I have ever had and I am beyond disgusted at the service and treatment I received today.

Apr 02, 2017

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