Edgars Fashion / Edconaccount closure

My name is Tshililo my account was handed over to r&t by Edgar on the 9th of September I called r&t to ask for my outstanding balance they gave me a balance advising that I received a discount I also called edcon who gave me the same balance ..I went and paid off the outstanding balance with an aim to close off the account..I first spoke to customers services in Johannesburg cbd store who confirmed the same amount after paying I requested for a paid up later which I received..but after 3days r&t called me to say I still owe Edgars as the amount I was given was a mistake I receive calls everyday telling me that I should pay that amount never mind the paid up letter it means nothing ..tried to contact Edcon finance department I was told that since my account is handed they can't anything about it

The point is why give me a paid up letter if I am still owing ..why phone calls of everyday my phone doesn't stop ringing after the mistake was not made by me .

Sep 26, 2017

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