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eBay Uk / very bad decision

1 England, Merseyside, United Kingdom


I had ordered an item from ebay uk. When I received this item I quickly realized that the item was not as described by the UK seller. For example, the item (an LED grow light) had different number of LEDS and the sizes were also different. Since I have an energy meter, I measured its power readings and found that it was underrated (14watts actual, 50watts described). 14watts are clearly insufficient for my plants! Since I was not an expert in the electricity field, I started a forum tread just to confirm my analysis and conclusion. I made a complaint against the seller and ebay UK agreed in MY favour. They asked me to send the item back to the seller and I had to enter tracking information and the couriers name. I got a quote from DHL and they asked for 85 pounds (I am in Malta). Since the item costed just 25 pounds this was not practical. I then got in touch with ebay customer support and in the chat session (Customer Support Chat Transcript - SR# 1-[protected]), I asked the person if I could send the item via normal postage and register it. The person agreed with me and told me that I could enter the registration number as the tracking number. He also told me to contact the seller and inform about my method. I then sent a message to the seller and informed him of my intentions. I waited 3 days to give chance for him to answer me. Since the seller did not answer me, I paid 14 pounds in postage and registration and sent the item back to him on the 13/11/2010.

According to Royal Mail tracking, on the 17/11/2010, RM made the first attempt to deliver the item to the seller (Attempted
A delivery was attempted for your item with reference RR, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , in NEW FERRY PDO before 06:08 on 17/11/10).
I was really upset when on the 20/11/2010 I received the following message from ebay:
Customer support has reviewed the case and made a final decision. We've considered the case carefully and decided not to issue you with a refund. We're sorry this didn't work out.
I have since appealed ebays decision based on the information they had provided me prior to them deciding not to refund me. As of today I have not yet been contacted by ebay and more than the stipulated 48hr answer/decision time period has now passed.
I feel that Ebay in this instance have led me to the “gallows” rather than helping me out of an honest problem I encountered! The seller seems that he does not want to receive the item. His feedback on ebay is not very good and has some accusations of dishonest trading.


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