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eBay / Paypal / excessive fees

1 AZ, United States Review updated:

This situation still has me heated! I sold a gift card on Ebay back in December. I received it for Christmas but I was facing eviction when I could not pay the rent ( I was short actually)! The face value was $500.00. I received alot of bids but the deadline was coming to pay the rent w/o any late fees so I settled on 350.00. I have always sold items on Ebay but at the present I hadn't withn a year. Well, while I was away from the site for about a year, a new policy went into effect w/o my knowledge. Now, no matter what you sell, you MUST send the item to the buyer and upon their approval or up to 21 days, you'd get your money released from paypal, if you paid that way. First off I would NEVER send an item that expensive w/o payment and I did not have 21 days to wait so I canceled the transaction, refunded the money and emailed the person explaining how I was unfamiliar of the new policy. After several emails later, I had filed a complaint and asked for a refund of fees. Well, the buyer denied it and until this day I owe for a final value fee, or something like that. They give the buyer that option wheather to accept or deny the request. It isn't the buyers money so why would this person deny me? I did receive an email from the buyer complaining that if he accepted to cancel the sale I could relist and sell for a higher price. Maybe I could but I had no time besides I ended the listing early so why would I want to do that. I researched the "new policy" and it suppsoedly is for high risk categories (which they don't state) and had I known I would not have listed it. This person almost had me evicted. Can you imagine if I had sent the card even by registered mail, etc. that they could easily say they did not receive it and they know good damn and well they used it? There were alot of instances on Ebay where that has happened so I was not going to be a victim. Be ware! How can this be legal, sending an item w/o being paid first? Stupido!!!
Fafaculo to Ebay!

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  • Ba
      6th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Ebay and Paypal are known for stealing money and hijacking accounts for long periods of time. I sold a 100lb Pot Belly stove, and they held the funds until the item was confirmed delivered. I called paypal and asked them how I was supposed to send the stove without the $150 in shipping charges that they were also holding. They told me to contact the buyer and explain the situation to them and ask them to leave positive feedback asap to release the funds. I did so, and the buyer told me they no longer wanted the stove and that they thought I was a scam. They left feedback stating "SCAM-asks for positive feedback before you receive item"
    This was my first feedback. Paypal really screwed me-first I lost a sale, and a customer, and tons of potential buyers as this was the first and only feedback I had, and ebay refused to remove it.
    Ebay and Paypal are also widely known for having a monopoly where they do anything they can to discourage sellers who choose to use anything but Paypal in an effort to force them to use Paypal to accept payments so they make more money. This is a well known scam and monopoly.
    Sell on Amazon and avoid ebay and Paypal at all costs!!

  • Va
      9th of May, 2011
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    Yes, it's a scam, and I am not sure why it is even legal. A while back you could use other payment options, like USPS Money Orders or even Personal Checks. Not anymore! You sell an item for $50 bucks and charge the buyer $5 for S&H, and you need to pay to post any additional (after the first) photos, and for anything to make it look nice and appealing. That will cost you a buck or two. Then if it sells the ebay charges you 9% of the final fee PLUS 9% of the shipping, so if the total $55.00 you will be charged like 5.00 by Ebay's final fees. Then you have not choice and receive the payment via Paypal - MiINUS another $5.00. Then you buy a shipping material for another $2, $3 or $4 - depending on the stuff you sold. And then to ship the cheapest way you might end up paying a whopping $10 or more (I recently send some stuff using the regular mail that weigh just a hair over 1 lb, they charged me $11.20!!!). Well, let's say you are charged just 6 for the shipping. So, in the end you get what? 55-2-5-5-2-6=$35!!! I personally think this monopoly is just a blatant way to overcharge regular folks who's trying to make a little profit. And now they've come up with BILL ME Later - new name, but in fact it sounds like just another arm of this greedy monster - Yeah! Let's make money on percentages and late fees as well! The circus would be complete if they also had their own Delivery Service and would prohibit people use USPS or UPS.

  • Jo
      29th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    I am so annoyed with Ebay and Pay Pal. I wish there was a better website with the same amount of traffic. I am so bitter at them!

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