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eBay Inc / unfair business practices

1 Laguna Beach, CA, United States


I am sorry for this intrusion . I sent you this with the hope
that there is some merit in it enough that perhaps you could look into it. I'm
not sure about any of the legality of it all but you are the expert. Let me explain.

I am just your average blue color working individual. I do not have a full time
job but make my living selling items on Ebay. I have been doing so for over 10
years. The income helps me support my family and every penny really helps.

Ebay charges fees to list your item and a final value fee based on what it sells
for. People pay me with a check or money order. Ebay offers a service called PAYPAl.
This is where buyers & sellers have their money transfered for an item sold
or bought. There are fees to use this service.I choose not to and will take payment
by mail. I figure since Ebay OWNS Paypal, I'd be paying them 2 sets of fees
for the same item and the bottom line profit is severely hampered. Especially when
an item sells for 5 dollars or less.

Just yesterday I received a message to sellers from Ebay. It announced that payment
for my personal items can no longer be paid for by personal check or money orders.
Now it had to be paid by credit card, OR (most important) through PAYPAL. So now
in what I thought was a FREE economy system we have here in this country, Ebay is
telling sellers and buyers how to get paid for their own personal items which takes
away my rights to do so.

This is supposed to take effect in late October.

It is my feeling that this is highly illegal. I say that because Ebay owns paypal
and this is a ploy for them to make more money. Somewhat like a conflict of interest.
This also must violate some commerce law somewhere on the legal books. I just have
no clue where to find it.

I'd like to sue them to stop or halt this and get some kind of court injunction.
I don't have the money or clout to do so. Unless there is something simple and
cost effective I could try. You being a high profile attorney are in a much better
position to do so. It will surely be something for CNN and many sellers and buyers
would be behind you on this.

Sure Ebay has more money than God and that is what I think they are banking on(no
pun intended) They figure no one will be able to come up against them and thus they
get what they want without a fight.

If there is any way for you to look into this, you will please hundreds of thousands
of Ebay buyers & sellers. It's tough enough to make a buck in todays economy.
So I think it's time that some of the larger companies who steam roller over
an individuals rights get held accountable for their actions.

Any encouraging words you have would be most appreciated.

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