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I purchased a handbag off of ebay that was listed as used in good condition with normal wear. The bag arrived and looked fine so I posted positive feedback. But once I started using the bag I discovered that the lining of the bag was rotting and leaving a sticky gooey mess on anything put in the bag. I contacted the seller to find out how to return the bag, since it was outside his normal return policy period. No reply. So I filed a complaint with the resolution center. They found in favor of the seller. Why? 1) I left positive feedback for the seller; 2) My complaint was filed 30 days after the sale of the bag; 3) In my feedback I used specific language that the center said would not allow me to appeal. Lessons here? 1) Don't leave feedback for at least 30 days or long after you have used the item. 2) Start using the item right away, even if you don't need to. Contact the seller if there is the slightest thing wrong. In my case I should have told the seller that the bag smelled like someone had drenched the bag in perfume. Instead, I thought that I could solve the problem by airing it out or deodorizing it. Delaying use of the bag put me outside of the time frame that ebay considers normal to file a complaint. Trying to resolve the problem with the seller in this case delayed my filing. I have always had success trying to work things out with sellers in the past. This seller turned out to be trouble. 3) Don't ever, ever comment on the condition of something, even if you think that it is good. Turn the guideline, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" into "If you have to say something nice, find something else to say, but say nothing, absolutely nothing about the condition of the item." So what's my next step now that the resolution center found in favor of the seller and my appeal was denied? Well, contact the senior executives at ebay, of course. They need to revise the written guidelines in resolution center at the very least. And, I am pursuing other methods to get my money back.

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