eBaydishonest employees

I sold a light fixture on eBay. Fedex damaged the package in transit and was unable to ship it to anyone. I called eBay, the call was escalated to the "resolutions team". I told them what happened and they said if I would give the buyer an immediate refund (325$) instead of waiting for the item to get back to me, (which would take who knows how long would be bad for the customer and myself) eBay would give me an immediate refund and then the fedex claim would pay ebay once the claim was paid. I had 2 different customer service representative tell me this.

I then refunded the customer immediately per ebay's instructions, called back to tell them and they said they would not honor my reimbursement anymore. Even though the customer service representatives left notes saying they would, they would not do it. This is the worst customer service I have ever had and can't believe ebay would have such low ethics.

Jan 12, 2015

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