EasySaver Rewards / Unauthorized credit card charges

Lanham, MD, United States
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They will claim that you signed up for their program through another company, in my case they claimed I signed up through Oriental Trading. They are more than happy to cancel your "subscription" but you will have to speak with a manager for refunds.
In my case, since they had been charging me for over a year, the manager offered me a $100 refund. I told him in no uncertain terms that his business was nothing more than a scam and the charges made on my card were 100% fraudulent and that I would be compelled to take legal action to prevent them from ripping off any other people like myself if they did not give me a FULL refund. He placed me on another hold but then gave me a full refund.
This is the number I called: [protected]
These companies make me SICK!!!

Jul 13, 2016

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