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1 England, Essex, United Kingdom Review updated:

Whilst queing to check in - having "edinburgh!" shouted in my ear. So I said to my partner - he shouted right in my f'kin ear. Shouter interrupted my convo to tell me not to swear or I can't fly which upset my partner (She paid the fares) so I went to complain and he saw me so he had a go at my partner whilst I complained @ desk - whom repeated his threats to detain me or I apologise to fly then after he fails to attend desk - flight leaves without us - so if u c yasir @ stansted section 'c' - beware scam at work.
Read their small print carefully too - unless u have a dead relative = no refund - no service either. "what a rip off!"

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  • Th
      27th of Sep, 2008
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    Easy jet gives telephone numbers that dont exist also they waste people time, if you cancel to book cheaper flight they charge for both flights ! They are a right wind up and i have to forgive them but the Holy Spirit is grieved with their deceit, you cant rob God he will repay wait and see ! Tam

  • Gr
      10th of Oct, 2008
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    I just booked a flight and it said - it didn't go through. It said - do it again and I did. Then I end up with two flights and now I cant cancel one of the flights !!!

    I called around but no success ... How do I cancel???? The bank cant cancel either!!! Even if I close down my account it wont work... Heeeeelp me - anyone knows... ????


  • Ma
      17th of Oct, 2009
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    my sister and i travelled on the 615am flight from glasgow to stansted from where we were going on to asturias, having gone through security and having plenty of time to our next flight we removed our small handbags from our cases and went gfor breakfast-we requied articles from our bags at the boarding gate i was passed for boazrding went to see what was holding my sister back the attendant dealing with he r demaned her to pay £16 when i approached she demanded £16 from me no doubt she was senior to the memer of staff who passed me for boarding her rudeness was unbelievable-our ages are 80 and 81-we will never forget this horrible incident on 29th sept 2009. so ifully understand your compaints feelings

  • Mr
      4th of Jun, 2010
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    I am wondering if i delt with the same guy, because his name would have been something like that, but he refused to give me his name?
    my story which happened on sunday 30th may 2010 at stanstead travelling back to Mallorca after being in London to do a private show as i am a singer living in Mallorca but originally from Scotland, i had a great show, it was a great crowd & everyone was in fancydress, it was brilliant & i was made so welcome.

    Then i went to stansted airport to fly home on sunday with easyjet, got there in plenty of time, then went to gate 6 to get on plane, it was a long que & they were just starting to call speedy boarding when my stomach was in severe pain & i noticed the toilet was right next to me so i could not wait till i got on the plane so i nipped into the toilet, while i was in there i heard to announcement saying all remaining passengers come to gate now, so i finished as quick as i could, washed my hands & came out, as i came out the toilet i saw one of the easyjet staff watching me, anyway as i got halfway there i saw him closing the metal barrier, then when i got to him, he said the gate was closed, well i laughed as i thought he was joking with me, then he said again that i was not getting through as the gate was closed, so i then said what do you mean, then the girl that was next to him said in a raised voice, , , are you deaf, he said the gate is closed, well i turned to her & said ..dont talk to me like that you stuck up [censor], then she kicked off cos i called her a [censor], ( wanted to call her worse than that, i mean how dare a girl who is younger than my own daughter talk to me like that) anyway she then dashed down the stairs to where the plane was, i then said to the guy that i wanted to see a manager to which he replied that he was the manager, i asked for his name, & he would not give it to me.

    i tried to talk sense to him by pointing out the window to show him that the passengers were still climbing the stairs onto the plane & it would be quicker to put me on the plane than to find my suitcase to take off, but he just looked at me like i was dirt & turned his back on me, , then he turned & he said he would tell me where to go to get my case & i told him i was not leaving till i got my case as i needed to know i got it as it had a very expensive suit & some of my musical stuff in it, so he said i must leave, i said no, then the [censor] girl came back up, & he told her that i would not leave, so he told her to call the airport police to which i said, please do. anyway it took about 20 minutes before the police arrived, so first off they were giving thier statement to the police which i could hear, then i could not believe it when they started lying & saying so much crap to the police, i tried to butt in but the police said they would get my statement in a minute, then the no name manager (asian guy?) said i assulted him, i just stood there saying unbelievable.

    Anyway the police started taking my statement & when i looked behind the police i saw the no name easyjey manager winking at me & laughing, well as you can imagine i lost it & shouted at him, the police told me to calm down & i pointed out to the police that he was behind them taking the piss, when the police turned round he had his hands out saying, what, i think the police believed me there.

    Anyway long story shorter? the police said he was not charging me with assult to which i replied he couldnt charge me anyway as there are security cameras everywhere in the airport & they can check the footage & see he was lying

    The airport police were good guys, think they were on my side as they were very helpfull.

    But i was talking about getting back to mallorca & they said that the no name easyjet manager said he had banned me from easyjet & cant fly with them anymore?

    so because they would not let me on the plane they made the poor tourists sit on the plane for over an hour till they found my case, & delaying the flight, because when the police were giving me a lift to the main terminal the poilce car was next to my plane which was still there & not pushed back & this was now 1 hour & 20 minutes after it should have flown, wish i could contact some of the passengers to let them know why thier flight was delayed. So if you flew to Mallorca on sunday evening flight from stanstead on 30th may, they probably gave you some lame excuse why you had to sit on the plane for ages before it flew, well now you know the truth & i am sorry that you all had to arrive late in mallorca because of idiot easyjet staff.

    So i was stuck in london on sunday night & had to pay 200 pounds to get a flight back on monday with ryanair, so i have now sent a compaint email to easyjet & if i dont get the right response then this story will be going every newspaper.

    nobody should have to put up with that kind of customer sevice, if you dont like working with the public, find another bloody job, but i would love to meet that no name easyjet manager when he is out & about?

  • Ca
      4th of Jun, 2010
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    sue them iain i would and still write to the papers as they r a shower of [censor]

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