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1 England, Greater London, United Kingdom Review updated:

Subject: Communication
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 12:21:59 +0100

Good Afternoon,

I would like to express a serious complaint regarding EasyJet hand luggage policy, customer service at Gatwick Airport and customer service on board the aircraft. If this has not reached the correct person, I urge you to forward it on to the relevant member of staff. This complaint will not go away and it will circulate the web via every professional web marketing tool I have at my disposal.

Firstly, I find EasyJet's hand luggage policy absolutely disgusting, inconsistent and unreasonable - on Wednesday 22nd April, I was due to check in at Gatwick for my flight to Paphos. When asked to place the hand baggage in the rack provided, I was abrubtly interrupted and to my astonishment, I was told that the little suitcase did not fit and to take it out and check it in! I was also rudely instructed not to tilt the suitcase! The suitcase clearly fitted comfortably but your member of staff repeatedly insisted that it did not! I ask you, how, when something is so clearly black and white, and the suitcase dropped without obstruction to the bottom of the rack, can you possibly defend the obvious to a member of staff that will not listen or reason with you? THE MOST IMPORTANT fact is that I travelled the EXACT same route with this EXACT suitcase two months prior and many times before that during 2008!!! This suitcase was previously fine - how could it suddenly not be allowed through this time when it clearly fitted into the rack?

This is absolutely unacceptable and I find it to be an extreme insult to my intelligence! In an attempt to lower the defensiveness of the check-in lady, I tried to talk about it to make her see that everything was fine, but by that stage she warned me that if I did not check it in, I would not be able to fly! To that end, she called over another lady, completely misconveyed the whole story to make out that we were causing trouble and this second lady took our tickets, RIPPED THEM UP IN FRONT OF OUR FACES AND STATED IN HER MONOTONOUS VOICE THAT WE WOULD NOT BE FLYING! This is disgusting! After speaking with a superior, we managed to get our tickets back but we were blackmailed: either pay for one hand luggage (when it clearly fitted into the rack) or don't fly!!! Why I ask you was there no will to accept you had made a mistake? Why was it so difficult to let us through with a suitcase that had been fine less than 2 months before? I think it is very obvious here that Easyjet is trying to rip off its customers and increase revenues by refusing to accept that the hand luggage fits! We were faced with a bill of £166 and if this happened with every customer, that is like selling extra tickets! Know that we are not stupid, and you will not get away with ripping the public off. This is broad daylight robbery and an absolute scandal and it will surface.

First of all, you should be worried and embarrassed that the Easyjet brand name is being tarnished by a group of young, inexperienced and rude personnel at Gatwick (Pauline was the name of one of them) and secondly, you should not be surprised if there is a severe drop in your number of repeat flyers. With this behaviour, mistreatment and humiliation, Easyjet clearly has zero level of customer service. Having the 3-Star, low-cost airline status DOES NOT mean that your personnel can be as rude as they like, or get away with murder so to speak.

Being subject to this outrageous treatment and having paid £166 for a suitcase which DID meet your hand luggage policy, I feel Easyjet should accept its mistake and compensate me for the £166 my partner and I had to pay. If this matter is not settled within the next 7 days, I will have no other option than to expose this scandal via any means of communication I feel will have the widest reach. Being director of a London marketing agency, I shouldn't think this will be a problem as with our in-house Search Engine Optimisation skills, we receive very good rankings for any reviews we put out on the web. Viral marketing as you're aware is also an extremely effective marketing solution. I will not rest until that £166 is refunded back to the credit card from which it was taken, out of principal.

You may also want to release a large quantity of your cabin crew who like to 'police' the aircraft rather than provide any real customer service. I found them all to be appalling, rude and trying to intimidate passengers in a way that you would definitely not accept. I am not quite sure what life expectancy Easyjet has, but one thing is for sure, if something does not change now you will likely face a VERY difficult time ahead. I hope that its investors do not have TOO much invested.

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  • Su
      31st of Aug, 2009
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    I have just flown with easyjet from Malaga where I was told at the gate by two of the rudest people I have ever met that my hand luggage which was fine in the UK was not being allowed onto the aircraft and that if I did not pay up then I would not fly. Easyjet's luggage dimensions were thrust into my face and I was offered no explanation as to why my case was fine in the UK and not in Spain. I can only deduce that this is a complete scam by their utterly rude and incompetent staff. I will not be flying Easyjet again.

  • Je
      19th of Jan, 2010
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    I completely agree that Easyjet's is ripping of customers with inconsistent policies about hand luggage size. I was astounded to discover, that, while my bag had fitted into the hand baggage check rack at check-in, when it came to boarding the plane, there was another hand baggage check rack which I was asked to put my bag into before boarding the plane. I had not bought any duty free or added anything to my bag at all. So imagine my astonishment when my bag did not remotely fit the check rack prior to boarding. I was so astonished! Had my bag miraculously increased in size from check in to boarding??

    No - the only other explantion was that the rack that checked the size of the hand-luggage prior to boarding was A SMALLER SIZE than the one at check in! Yes folks - out and out fraud, deception, dishonesty and cheek!

    I could tell by the expressions on the faces of the staff at the boarding gate that they knew it was dodgy...this is obviously a deceitful ploy to get passengers to pay for bags at check-in.

    The girl told me I would have to check in the bag at a cost of £18. My husband had already gone ahead so I had no money, not that I was intending to pay. I also didn't understand that I could check in the bag there, thinking that I would have to go back down to the check-in, which had obviously now closed, which would mean I would miss my flight.

    The utterly rude, stupid, idiotic twit at check-in then had the total cheek to tell me that my husband "shouldn't have gone ahead" to which I should have replied "yes, and you shouldn't have different size bag check racks." She then told me to repack - I suppose to make the bag smaller?

    In the end she put the bag on at no extra cost when I remonstrated but she still had the cheek to say that she should have charged me for it!

    Never again - what an appalling level of service - robbery and utterly awful staff

  • Na
      14th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    This is so true and you are left to the mercy of such incompetent staff. I really wish that the executive director to whom the original complaint was emailed took personal interest in resolving this.

  • He
      30th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Gatwich boarding staff is indeed extremely rude and impolite, same happened to us this week-end there, they simply treat you like cattle.
    Henk KROON

  • Ni
      10th of Feb, 2011
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    Flew from Gatwich to Cologne on January 4th 2011 and I was very negatively surprised that what seemed like young people with teenage spirits (the cabin crew) were responsible for the safety onboard.

    Instead of focusing on customers these young cabin crew members were clearly more focused on themselves and chatting frequently in between them in a undistinguished matter, and on some occasions, even flirting. As a customer I felt of clear secondary importance in this atmosphere.

    I think Easyjet's processes are probably good, the design and the definition of the jobs processes also, but the execution of these jobs are poor due to the lack of maturity in the people, the way I see it.

    I will never fly with Easyjet again, even if free tickets are thrown after me, unless they improve their staff conduct policies in a dramatic fashion. If that means increased operating costs using more senior staff making tickets more expensive and the proposal as a whole uncompetitive, then Easyjet's reason to exist is questionable.

    I encourage no one to buy tickets from Easyjet and support their presence in the world.

    Nils E.

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