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EasyJet / poor service and lack of support

1 6 Ketton Court, Ketton Close Luton Beds LU2 0QZUnited Kingdom
Contact information:
Phone: 07875 058 787

Due to fly back from Alicante airport on Sunday evening 6th July 2008 - flying at 21.30hrs. On arrival at the airport (1900hrs) we discovered that the flight had been canceled. We spoke to an employee at the Easyjet counter who told us we had the option of taking a later flight OR staying another night in Spain and flying out the following morning. The later flight, however would NOT fly us back into Luton Airport, which was the original return destination - it was stopping at GATWICK. Due to circumstances it was decided we would take the later flight home, with an agreed transfer - arranged by Easyjet - to take us back to Luton. The new flight was due to fly out after midnight - some 3 hours AFTER our original flight was due to fly, which meant 5hours to be spent at the airport.

This was an inconvenience in itself. When midnight came, the flight board did not show the travel time or which gate number. It also didn't say it was delayed, so we were not sure what was happening and there was NOONE available from Easyjet to speak to. Finally the flight came in - a little later than originally anticipated, nevertheless, it had arrived.

On queuing, an Easyjet employee asked us for our boarding passes - i handed the ones i printed off for our original flight - AS I HAD NOT BEEN TOLD THIS WOULD BE REQUIRED - she advised me that we had not checked in so we wouldn't be able to fly!!! She took our paper boarding passes and went away with them, to return a short time later with hand written boarding passes! (it turned out, we weren't the only people who had use their "old" boarding passes). With the flight delayed by some time, we were finally ready to fly to Gatwick.

Landing at 2am (british time) we were NOT met by an Easyjet member. We searched round Gatwick (never been before, so its quite daunting), staff were down to an absolute minimum. We finally found someone to ask where an Easyjet desk was, so attended this area, to be told there were 19 passengers who required transfers - Easyjet DID NOT have anything planned, even though they had LOADS OF NOTICE, and we had to wait for all the others to turn up before they decided what they would do with us. The suggestion from the airport Manager was a group of taxis delivering us back to Luton airport.

"I" had to go and try and herd up the other fliers as Easyjet had not tannoyed for anyone and noone from Easyjet was available to help out!!! It then turned out that it wasn't 19 passengers waiting for transfer, it was more like 90!!! Finally all passengers requiring the transfer had arrived and we were ALL waiting on Easyjet to provide the Transfer they had promised. At 0330hrs, the Aiport Manager had advised that (he did not provide a name) someone was not authorizing a transfer home for all the passengers that EASYJET had promised and MESSED ABOUT, and that we were to make our own way home via train!!! and claim back the monies from there returns policy!!

This took 1.5hrs (180minutes!!!) for some BIG WIG tucked up in his bed to point blank REFUSE transport for us home - when the Easyjet staff at Alicante Airport had told us that the transfer had been arranged!!!
£23.00 PER TICKET the train cost and due to being messed around even further, we had to wait until 0430hrs to get the next train into Luton!!!

ON TOP OF ALL THE MONIES THAT WE SPENT EXTRA ON FOOD AND DRINK WAITING TO GO HOME, WE THEN HAD TO SPEND ANOTHER £46.00 TO GET TO LUTON. We arrived home at 0615hrs (approx) and paid a further £5.00 for a taxi cab, from the Airport to our home address!!! I am horrified that EASYJET made no apologies, did not assist ANY flier in relation to transfer home and LIED to all its customers, then dumped them when they couldn't handle the heat!!! we should have arrived home, British time at 2230hrs, we actually got home a whole 8hrs later!!! This is just unacceptable.

On top of everything else - another flier advised us that he asked an operator at Alicante "WHEN" had the flight been canceled??? "Noon time" was the reply! A whole 9 hours and 20 minutes BEFORE the flight was even due to fly out!!! Why were we not contacted? When completing flight details they request mobile numbers and contact numbers whilst abroad - it would have taken one person a quick call round to advise customers - giving them the option of staying another night - rather than waiting for people to turn up to Alicante Airport which is some distance from most of the actually holiday destinations???

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