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London, England, Greater London, GB
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Date: 18th February 2017
Location: Gatwick North Terminal

As we were boarding, I was asked to check the size of my carry on bag at the gate. I often expect this as it's on the cusp. However, I've flown with EasyJet (and other airlines) many times and every time it's fitted into the bag size checker absolutely fine.

Before putting my bag in, I noticed that the edges of the metal had been slightly bent in, presumably by someone trying to force a bag in. Thus, my bag would not fit. I turned to the desk agent and told him of the situation. I simply asked that if he would come look, he could see that the only reason the bag doesn't quite fit is because of the broken edges.

At this, he laughed at me, shrugged and told me I'd have to pay. He refused to move 3 feet to look, and continued to LAUGH at me. No one, should ever laugh at a customer. I felt quite discriminated against, maybe he didn't like something about me, despite me remaining calm and polite.

I paid the fee as I had no other option, despite being laughed at and feeling humiliated.

I asked a few other people with similar bags if they had paid - none of them had. One couple who I had spoken to beforehand had been struggling to get their bag into the checker (it was a big bag!) ... they did not have to pay a penalty fee. They had been asked to do the same as me, and it had not fit (it was a different bag checker) ... Why did I?

Since this, EasyJet responded to my complaint with my name wrong, and the e-mail contained a number of basic spelling mistakes. They completely fobbed me off despite being laughed at, discriminated against and being forced to pay an unnecessary fee.

MY BAG - H48xW33xD20cm (It was purchased from Tesco and is specifically a flight safe sized bag)
ALLOWANCE - 56cm x 45cm x 25cm

Many thanks,


Mar 20, 2017

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