EasyJet Airline Company / service at checking in


I am flying a few times a year, and until now - I have done it with easy Jet as often as I could.
I usually travel from Tel-Aviv to Amsterdam, and back, with my purse and a hand bag (8 KG), and I am not charged for that luggage.

On my last flight back from Amsterdam (Saturday, November 4th, at 7:00 am),
We were notified that there is an extra checking in after the gate.
We were gathered in a small hall (where you could see the airplane waiting on the ground outside...). Then the stewardess held me as well as many other passengers, and told us to put the handbags on the plane and pay 60 Euros, since we are allowed to take only one piece with us, on board, and the purse is counted as one... I am flying with your company whenever it suits my schedule, and I was never asked to check in a handbag!
So, she had actually forced everyone, to put their purses inside their handbags. Mine was quit full and I felt really humiliated to sit on the floor, and to try to squeeze my purse into my handbag!
Then, we had to stand in the rain in order to climb the stairs to the machine, when everyone is getting terribly wet while waiting to go into the plane.
Needless to say, that the minute we entered the plane - everybody took of their purses from their handbags...
So, for me (64 years old), that was a traumatic flight; therefore, I d'ont believe that I will choose to fly with Easy Jet again, in the near future.
Arnona Shir-On

Nov 27, 2017

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