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So a year ago I purchased a basic queen size bedroom set. It was used by at least 2 months not brand new. When the first customer returned the product Easyhome didn't refund them some of the $700.00 deposit they first put down they allowed them to keep it. I walked in and put down almost $1, 000.00 deposit. I then paid $100.00/week for several months once the deposit was up. That's way more then what the per week price is. Now by my understanding that basic set should already have been paid off. Let's break this down mathematically. Used basic Queen size bedroom set $700.00 from first customer 2 months later - No refund Almost $1, 000.00 from me $100.00 / week/ month from me $1, 600.00 in payments Total for bed set: $3, 200.00 roughly for 1 product So Easyhome on Dundurn and Main St here in Hamilton, Ontario has collected that $3, 200.00 for that 1 product. Keep in mind that it's used not brand new. I honestly thought that it was already paid off. I stared to receive harassing Facebook messages, harassing calls and voicemails, the employeees trying to send me Facebook friend requests to get into my personal friends list, pounding on my door when I'm at work and disturbing my neighbours, one of the times I saw them at my house I pulled up in my car as I was heading out and the guy was rude and tried to order me like a police officer to pull over my vehicle and he threatened to take my SUV as collateral. I own my car I bought it outright so taking my car won't be happening. I finally had enough and decided to call the head office and now waiting for the regional manager for that area whose name is "George" to call me back with some kind of response and resolution. Easyhome has made their profits and then some already off of this used basic bedroom set and I should already own it. For the retail value of this set at the used price (since it was used when I got it) and for what I have already paid and the $700.00 that they never refunded to the first person, I should already own it. They can't keep billing me like it's a brand new top of the line set because it's not. Also trying to say I owe them $900.00 in less then 3 weeks is not even possible. They are power and money hungry people who just want to scam their customers. Well I'm an educated customer and I know better and know my consumer rights. I'm not allowing them to get away with this behaviour. We need laws for these companies like they already do In Manitoba. Something seriously needs to be done!

Mar 13, 2017

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