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Last September my washer broke down..I had only 5 months left of owning my washer and dryer. I pay the extra $2.99 insurance every week to have my merchandise fixed due to I already have an owed fridge. It is now February and my washer is still not fixed. I have received every excuse in the book and have even paid and own my laundry set now! I have been late in the past to have their employees harrass me and ignore my needs! Why would it take 6 months + to fix a barring in a washer? I also have a stove almos paid off, but they do not seem to value their customers! Next time I will be going to another store! I have had enough of the inconsideration! Thank you for not caring!

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  • Ea
      21st of Jan, 2011

    i am an easyhome manager

    My job is very stressful. i have about 60 customers who are past due... i call them up to 3 + times a day, continuously leaving messages and they never call back, call their references, work ect.// How hard is to answer the phone and say, "im sorry, im short this week i will be in next week".. or actually call the store back and say, hey ive been laid off, im going through some hard times financially..ect.. We work with customers either by lowering their payment for an "X" amount of weeks or just give a week free, or a pick up & hold. But when we call you constantly and you cant even call us back, YA WE GET PISSED !!!

    and if we didnt call you a few days prior to remind you that your due, you wouldnt come in to pay. Very few of our customers pay on time, and for those few customers, we make a note on their account to not call them with a "friendly reminder".

    we have customers who purposely try to scam us...set up a lease, deliver the product and they skipping out on us after only paying one month and we have to try to hunt them down. sometimes we never find them.

    We have a no hassle return policy, so people can use the crap out of stuff and then return it damaged. I have 3 mattresses with blood, piss stains on them i cant re-lease or sell. i have a couch that has burn mark in it and piss stains on it. thats sitting in our backroom.

    i go out of my way to get the customer exactly what they want. on my day off, i drive out of town spending 5 hrs of my day getting product for cutomers, i stay late every night because our bosses give us more work to do then we can accomplish in the day. I bend over backwards for customers and what do i get... Nothing, i just get more complains sent to the head office because this wasnt done or that wasnt done.

    But im over it. I will never again stay late.. i will never again work on my day off. Because the customers ARNT WORTH IT.. THEY WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED !!!


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  • La
      24th of Jul, 2012

    well mr manager, considering IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO CALL MORE THAN 3 times a day to collect more than 3 is considerd harassment, my advise to you is don't push your luck is you get 4+ harassment charges YOU CAN go to jail till your trial date or be given a peace bond, and if you violate that, you will automatically receive a year in prison, THIS IS CANADAIN LAW .. don't ask me about the us cause I don't know, I have 2 of your jerkoffs facing a break and enter charge for entering my home illegally ... so the way you guys handle things is short of jail or if i catch your bozo's in my house again DEAD

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