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IL, United States
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Easy Warm Floor ("EWF") sells radiant heat systems for under-floor installation. Their prices are competitive, apparently because they skimp on quality and customer service. On August 20, 2010, I ordered a 120 square-foot, 120V system that was supposed to include (1) resistance wire, (2) floor sensor, (3) thermostat, and (4) relay. The wire and relay arrived quickly, but the thermostat and sensor did not accompany the other materials. EWF informed me on 8/30/10 that the thermostat and sensor had shipped separately. By 9/9/10, they still hadn't arrived and the USPS tracking number I was given by the customer service rep, "Mike" never once returned a valid status on USPS's site. Mike's response to my email was that "USPS didn't scan the package so it was impossible to track", and that a new one was being shipped again that day. By 9/16/10 the thermostat still hadn't arrived. Mike's response to my 9/16/10 email was to tell me that their "records showed that a sensor was shipped with the other materials." Yeah -- that's why I'm asking for one. Besides, I'll bet their records show I was sent a thermostat also!

On 9/17/10, Mike finally sent me a thermostat and a real tracking number. Because of the delay caused, it was not until December that I could install the floor. At that time, I realized that the "customized installation instructions" that were supposed to come with my order were not included, and when I inquired, EWF told me that they didn't exist. Because I ordered loose wire rather than the mats, no installation (wiring) diagrams were made. However, their engineers determined somehow how much wire would cover the (to scale) diagram I sent. They were just unwilling to show me how they did it. So I lay the wire, install my tile floor, wire up the system, and it fires up and works great. For a week. Then it stops.

Skipping over several rounds of back-and-forth, EWF sent me a 240V relay and 240V thermostat. After all the trouble it took to get a thermostat, they SENT ME THE WRONG ONE, and the wrong relay from the get go. So the 240V relay and thermostat ran the system for a week before burning themselves out trying to run a 120V system. When I removed the relay, trying to diangose what happened, I noticed the relay said 240V (but someone had put white out over the small marking for "240V") and of course the super-cheap thermostat of course is not marked at all. I called, and they sent a 120V relay but no new thermostat. When (of course) the 120V relay didn't power up the 240V thermostat I still had, I called . . . again, and they said they were sending me a 120V thermostat. That was 10 days ago. Guess what hasn't arrived.

Bottom line: it's 6 months from my original order and I STILL can't get a 120V thermostat that was included with my purchase. These people do not take care of their customers. They are sloppy and act without regard to their customers' time and frustration. You'd think after all of that someone could pull a 120V thermostat off the shelf, make sure it's 120V, and throw it in a FedEx envelope.

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