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Unauthorized Charges by Easy Saver Rewards Program generated from Pro Flowers purchase. $1.95 first charge then $14.95 a month. Pro Flowers is SLIMEY!! They provide service BUT nail you on delivery charges that are artfully concealed in the purchase process till the last minute and they take advantage of your desperation to get transaction done for Valentines Day gift purchase. Then...something you don't uncheck or something then hooks you into this b.s. rewards program and they get the credit card info from Pro Flowers. It is SO slimey they make it easy to unenroll online and by phone since they know they are in the gray area anyway and on the phone give you a FOURTEEN digit confirm #. Either they don't want you to write it down or they have millions of people unenrolling.

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      Jan 10, 2009

    While buying my sick mother flowers I was unknowingly enrolled in EasySaver, A program that charges $1.95 at the time of enrollment & an addition charge of $14.95 a month.

    I called ProFlowers - my complaint fell on deaf ears. I was told pro flowers had nothing to do with Easy saver. At which point I hung up, emailed a note to CS stating my intention to never do business with proflowers again due to their association with deceptive business.

    The next call was to my Credit card company disputing the charges.

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  • Sm
      Jan 21, 2009
    Easy Saver / Pro Flowers - FRAUD!!! Don't click anything!!
    United States

    Just like all the others who have complained, I used Pro Flowers twice in the last few months. When I noticed an unauthorized charge of $14.95 on my bank account, I went back and looked, and just like the other complaints, I discovered that there was a charge for $1.95 one month earlier. PLEASE call ALL the numbers listed in the previous entires and complain, demand your money back, but don't stop there. Until Pro Flowers removes this link from their site, these complaints will just continue and more consumers will be victims of this scam. CALL PRO FLOWERS and tell them that you will not be useing their services again until they remedy this problem. What a shame!!! Pro Flowers product line is second to none but is unfortunately overshadowed by their questionable business relationships.

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  • An
      Mar 15, 2009
    Easy Saver / Pro Flowers - Unathorize charge to my Visa
    United States

    At first I thought the first charge of $1.95 to my visa was because i had used a discount on the proflowers i had ordered for a staff. Next thing I know i have a second charge for $14.95 that was not authorized by me from the same easy saver. when i looked it up, i read so many complaints about this scam. it's now past midnight and am unable to call them to cancel that charge. I will call my visa to tell them to stop these people from charging my credit card. This is ridiculous and should be reported! i will inform everyone I know about this scam! and I Will never order from Pro Flowers again!!!

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  • Kk
      Mar 16, 2009

    GOSH! $88.88 charged to my debit card by them! Apparently when you order from Pro Flowers it signs you up for a 30 day free trial of Easy Saver without notifying you! Then it keeps charging you 14.95 every month! It took me a while to catch onto what these charges to my debit card were. I was outrageously mad! I will for surely never order from Pro Flowers again because their association with Easy Saver! Although, the man who helped me was very nice about it all. I feel as though he was reading from a script when he was explaining why i was charged. They must get a lot of these calls.
    Call 18004449491 to get refunded and go to your bank and let them know what's going on. They will help you if Easy Saver is being difficult about refunding your money.

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  • Ze
      Mar 18, 2009

    did not authorize this 14.95 charge. purchased flowers through pro flowers only.

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  • La
      Mar 31, 2009
    Easy Saver / Pro Flowers - Credit card fraud
    United States

    I was fraudulently charged 14.95 by Easy Saver after purchasing flowers on line from When I called to ask what it was and where it came from, Easy Saver disconnected the call. The charges mysteriously appeared on the statement which is now being investigated by the credit card company.

    The attorney general from every state where this happened should be contacted about the fraud. I have received no products or services from Easy Saver and I have no idea what it's about.

    ProFlowers and Easy Saver should be held accountable for these illegal acts.

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  •   Apr 16, 2009

    I too have been a victim of Easy Saver-EMI. In my case it went on for 11 months without my knowledge. I was deployed with the military and someone else was overseeing my checking/debit card account statements. They didn't realize this was an ongoing unauthorized charges, after I had ordered flowers through "FromYou".

    Though, I see most of the complaints are affiliated with "' and their associates. I thought I'd mention that there are other companies that send credit card information to Easy Saver-EMI, as well without authorization. Additionally, I never received any emails or regular mail that I had become a member or authorized the monthly charges.

    After, I returned from my deployment and saw these charges I immediately called 1-800-355-1837 and demanded to speak to a supervisor. Of course, there was the explanation that I had authorized the charges. I stated I wanted to see it in writing for the record. At this point, the supervisor said that wasn't possible. She offered to refund only 6 months and I said that wasn't acceptable and would report this. She then offered the full 11 months refund. I asked for a confirmation to be sent.

    Below is the confirmation sent and will update on this site if the total refund isn't granted.

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: [protected]
    To: XXX
    Sent: Wednesday, April 15, 2017 10:48 AM
    Subject: Credit Confirmation

    Mrs. XXX
    This email will confirm our conversation today regarding the Easy Saver
    Rewards membership. To reiterate our conversation, I have canceled the
    membership and, as agreed, issued a total of 11 refunds in the amount of
    $14.95 back to your credit card account. These refunds have been
    requested today and if you do your banking online, you may see those
    refunds as early as 48 hours.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Missy Baer

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  • Ja
      May 09, 2009
    Easy Saver / Pro Flowers - UNINFORMED
    United States
    Phone: 800-355-1837


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  • Ca
      May 20, 2009

    As the Special Programs Associate of ProFlowers, I thought I would take the opportunity to try to clarify our EasySaver Rewards program and the enrollment process for you.

    After making a purchase on our site, we offer the opportunity to enroll in the EasySaver Rewards program. EasySaver is a membership program where members receive valuable benefits such as discounts on travel and shopping, personal concierge services, discounted spa services and much more. As an incentive to try the program for 30 days, we offer a $15 gift code to be used on a future purchase on our website.

    After clicking on the offer, you land on the EasySaver registration page. The page clearly details the program benefits as well as the sign-up process and related program fees. To enroll, you provide your email address and zip code as confirmation that you have read and accept the offer terms stated on the page.

    We always encourage you to provide feedback on the program and enrollment process. We do not wish for any customer to be enrolled in the program if they do not so desire, and it is for that reason that we have a no-hassle cancellation policy. Customers can contact our customer service agents at any time for assistance with cancelling from the program.

    Our customers are our #1 priority and we take their concerns very seriously. We hope that any customers reading this posting will understand that we are not in any way acting in the adverse manner in which these posts seem to reflect.

    If you need any help to cancel this program in any way, or if you are having any trouble, please feel free to contact me directly and I will be happy to work with you and our partner to get everything resolved

    Caroline Segars
    Special Programs Associate

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  • Cw
      Jun 25, 2009
    Easy Saver / Pro Flowers - FRAUD!!! Don't click anything!!
    Easy Saver
    United States
    Phone: 800-355-1837

    An unauthorized $1.95 charge has shown up on my account. This is apparently related to a pro-flowers purchase. I would like to stop this from continuing to occur and get a refund.

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