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Easy Saver / SCAM

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Easy Saver is the option that you have on the Pro Flowers website that says that "If you become a member, you will save on your next order." Underneath (I assume) it has a details button which states that they will charge you $1 for the first month and then after that $14.95 for the remaining months! THEY HAVE BEEN GETTING AWAY WITH THIS FOR 6 MONTHS WITH MY ACCOUNT!!! Unreal... but yeah, any time that it says "To become a member..." make sure you read the fine print and [censored] Pro Flowers!

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  • Sh
      9th of Nov, 2008
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    I very well agree with everyone about this scam. I just happen to review my checking account last night and found that there is a pending transaction twice of 16.95 for whatever 800-444-9800 is. I didn't order anything from this company and something should be done about it. I'm going to my bank tomorrow to file a dispute because I know through research that there has been fraudulent activity.

  • Dg
      28th of Mar, 2010
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    Agreed!!! Easy Saver has been billing me for 6 months on a card I never use. I've never used Easy Saver once. How can the consumer sue these scam artists?

  • Sc
      12th of Sep, 2009
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    noticed an unauthorized recurring charge of $14.95 on my wife's credit card. when we couldn't figure out what it was, we went back to prior statements and saw it was charged every month without our authorization. 1-800 number listed for the "company", and i use that term loosely, asks for a member ID number, which of course i don't have. i filed a compliant and dispute w/ my credit card provider and will now be notifying local media, Better Business, Bureau, and the state's attorney general's office. i'll do what i can in hope no further people suffer from this scam.

  • Tr
      3rd of Aug, 2009
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    If you want to be scammed these are the people doing it!!! I had no idea until I found out that hey had charged me 14.95 for 19 months on my checking account. I never did anything, but buy some roses for my girlfriend looked at a discount I thought proflowers was having to save money and I never agreed to anything with Easy Saver at all. Funny, when I called them they said that I agrees to something and had got an email from them totally untrue I never agreed to anything and in fact what they do is when you look at the pop up profilowers immediately gives them all of your credit card information and allows for them to scam you. Proflowers is also guilty as they want you to be scammed as they are making a profit on the money being scammed from you. So it is not only easy saver, but in fact the people who own proflowers are also in on the scam and making millions by ripping you off without you even wanting something from them. After speaking with proflowers as well after reading hundreds of people that have complained proflowers said they are unwilling to break the relationship with easy saver. I asked why and they said it is a great source of revenue for them as well as easy saver. Proflowers said 100% they could care less as they dont mind losing clients as the money they are making along side of easy saver is a much more profitable revenue stream then having 1, 000 of upset customers...

    Okay so it is a down market, but putting your company on the line like that is really scary. I hope some lawyers are reading this and thinking about a huge multi-million dollar class action lawsuit. As you know if the lawsuit is for 100 million the lawyers get 40 million and we get the rest. I would just like to see scam companies like this out of business and I hope this happens soon.

  • Ne
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    Unauthorized credit card monthly charge for services not applied for or wanted. This sleezy scam buys credit card info from someone you give your number to then gives you 30 day free trial before charging for so-called discounts on hotels rental cars etc. You never receive anything from them but a monthly bill, in my case 14.95 a month. I think mine came from checking my credit report on free credit report .com i paid one dollar for processing fee and whamo they got me. I am fighting to get this off my credit card but am told that thousands of seniors like myself get scammed each month. I checked with better business bureau in Pa. and found they have had 377 claims against this company in the last 36 months.

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