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Easy Jet flight / mssing payment of compensation

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Easy Jet cancelled the flight EZY2798 from Bruxelles Intl. to Milan Malpensa 05.Juli 2010.

The reason being that they where delayed into Milan so there where no pilots allowed to fly anymore !

Typical problem for them where they have such delays because they work with the limited amount of pilots etc. and will not pay for their accomodation outside their home airport. How else can they be cheap, they run a but company!

Naturally they wait to tell till just before scheduled take off, though they know the problem at least 2 hours before!

The EU regulation then make them have to give you a new flight ASAP and if they can not they have to pay a flight with another company, but when they wait there is no earlier flight then there own next morning!
One has to go online and re-book on via internet, not always so easy when out of office, but I managed!

Further they have then to pay hotel and dinner, plus they have to pay a 250€ compensation, but they have no official way to claim such compensation in ther complaint system! Going in claiming refund made them wake up and demand that I proved my reservation was not for the next day from the beginning! They had officially changed my booking to be from the next day from the beginning!!!

Fortunately I had my original ticket probing my flight was on the 5. of July and after they had this send to them they admitted and finally promissed to send the refund July 16.
But now in October the money has still not arrived!!!

So they lie and cheat and could not care less what the EU regulation tells, they know very well that to go via court costs more than the 250€ !!

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