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I want to report what happened when I flew Easy Jet from Paris to London during the last week of June 2009. My partner and I were in the check-in line and watched in horror as passenger after passenger were made to unpack their belongings from their suitcase to their hand luggage to fulfill the Easy Jet restrictions.

When it was our turn we were also offered this dreadful experience which ended with us having to pay an excess luggage fee. After trying for half an hour to identify where to pay this fee, we finally settled the charge and returned to check-in. I was certainly not returning to the previous check-in desk and was lucky enough to find another open. We produced our excess luggage payment slip which this Easy Jet staff member found strange since our luggage was not OVERWEIGHT according to his scale. On reflection we did realize that all the passengers who were facing weight problems were checking in with the check in staff member we had previously had the displeasure of dealing with. Had she fiddled with her scale to ensure every person who checked in with her had to pay excess luggage? Do the staff work on commission. While we received a full refund from Easy Jet on our return to London, we received no apology from the thieving check-in staff member and I for one will NEVER EVER fly Easy Jet again. And I warn every person contemplating flying this airline to be on your guard for the crooks they employ.


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      Nov 27, 2009

    HI !
    This record is for inform all the customers, that EasyJet is playing with ours money.
    The last 26/11/09 (flight 5479) i travelled from London to Madrid, and i bought 2 tickets with 2 hold bags each.When i went to check in they told me that, i had to leave 2 of them because the weight it was superior at 20kg each tickets.
    Finally i paid 394.68£ extra to send my others 2 bags. i paid on total online the 4 hold bags and then i couldnt send it.
    Nobody try to help me, when i asked what can i do! The answer was paid, leave the luggage on the airport or they will destroy your luggage. Because was moving of country i couldnt lose my flight.
    I called this number [protected] and they dont care anything!!!
    I work on Barajas Airport (Madrid)in Information to the customers, and i know how its working this things.
    I hope someone is gonna answer me, and try for repair this problem.If not, i will complaint everyday and i will inform to the hundreds of customers we have in ours Airport about the horrible service you will receive.
    peter.romero.[protected] [protected] PEDRO

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