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Easy Jet / damaged baggage / lost items

1 United Kingdom

I had my baggage damaged three times and with no response decided on a more informal letter... Basically was passed from pillar to post for so long that I had better things to do and gave up... which I think is what Easy Jet rely on! My second letter below...

EasyJet Customer Services

24 February 2004

Dear Stelios,

Re: EZY 425 to Glasgow and EZY 447 to Belfast

My suit is wet, my hair is flattened and the rain is dripping of my chin. This is your fault. Let me explain…

I had cause to contact your customer services department as my baggage and its contents were damaged during a flight to Glasgow on……… I have enclosed a copy of the correspondence, which relates to this incident and the response I received back. Please bear in mind that I followed the correct procedure as your website dictates and still I have been palmed off onto someone else.

With reference to my latest flight with you, not to mention the now almost compulsory substantial delay, I have cause to contact your company again. Once again my baggage has been damaged.

The baggage in question is a Samsonite rigid suitcase i.e. a robust and well manufactured suitcase which can live up to most things that travel will throw at it. This suitcase has travelled with me to far-flung corners of the world without incident and then miraculously bursts open on a 1hr10min flight from Bristol to Belfast with EasyJet.

My concern for my baggage was made clear in my previous correspondence so imagine my delight when my suitcase arrives open and is greeted with gasps of sympathy, cringe worthy hilarity and embarrassment by the 143 passengers on Track 1 at Belfast International. Cries of, “Oh! My! God! Someone’s suitcase is open” and “Ohhhh! Imagine if that was yours with all your underwear hanging out” and so on, were heard from several people amongst the crowd of bemused onlookers.

So why did I not report this at the airport? Well this one is easy. I was over 3 hours late. I had already missed one of my appointments and now had a red face and open suitcase to deal with. A quick check of my belongings and my infamous underwear at the feet of the above crowd and it seemed that nothing was missing. Had one of your reps been to hand then maybe, I may just have said something, but have you ever seen any of your reps past the one who stands at the top of the “Air Stairs”? No, I didn’t think so.

I knew something was missing when my mobile phone battery went dead. You see my mobile phone charger was in that suitcase. By process of elimination I would deduce that this was lost during the, “bursting and displaying”, incident I describe above. So, one trip later from the comfort of my hotel room to Phones4U for another mobile phone charger and my suit is wet, my hair is flattened and the rain is dripping off my chin. This is your fault.

Please can you tell me why:

1 – Your website put me to the trouble of emailing your customer services? when in fact they were unable to help.

2 – It takes 10 days for you to reply, but we have to report all incidents immediately at the time of the incident or theoretically this leaves us with little or no hope of ever being taken seriously?

3 – What you plan to do about the damage to my leather holdall, my samsonite suitcase, my printer and the loss of my mobile phone charger?

4 – After all the delays, the damage, the loss and the embarrassment why I should continue to use your airline?

Yours sincerely


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