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Dyson Fan - Best Buy / extended warranty

1 po box 3541Springfield, GA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 417-501-4000

Matt France

July 27, 2015

** An Open Letter to Best Buy /Dyson Fans

Re: Fraudulent Misrepresentation of Best Buy’s Extended Warranty

To Whom It May Concern:

I have to say I am somewhat appalled for the position that my local Best Buy store has taken, and dishonoring the “Extended Warranty” on a Dyson Fan purchased.

I was sold this fan, even though it was discounted, by the representation of the sales associate that stated, and as I recollected from asking specifically, that any repairs or service would be handled by Best Buy and not the manufacture. Specifically, the dialogue was this:

1. If there was a need to have this fan serviced (Dyson Air Multiplier), I was told with the extended Warrnaty, I would deal with Best Buy and not the manufacturer.
a. Specifically, I was told they would send it off to a service center in St. Louis, Missouri, and they would determine if it could be fixed; or if they would fix the fan at the local store level;
b. If it could not be fixed, then it would be replaced with “like-kind” technology.

< real world experience -- the lie behind Best Buy’s Extended Warranty >

2. I was informed by Cailyn, a representative at Best Buy, on July 22, 2015 @ 8:58 pm, even though I had an extended warranty, my fan still fell underneath the manufacturer’s warranty period and accordingly, it would be dealt with according to the manufacture policies -- and facilitated through Best Buy.

a. this policy, even being contradicted a number of times by Cailyn and the Assistant Manager (“Manager”), the product if deemed non-repairable, would be replaced with like-kind technology or I would receive the money back;
b. Well, I purchased the two-year extended warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s Warranty in order to simplify the process and deal with my local Best buy, and not having to be concerned with the manufacturer;
i. the repudiation having to deal with manufacturer warranty, and dealing directly with the Best Buy was the motivation for this purchases;
ii. accordingly, as I visited Best Buy in the preceding week -- the advantage, as explained for the extended warranty, is you deal with Best Buy and not the manufacturer;
iii. the fraud was proven tonight, as it’s been explained that does not apply to all products - and Dyson is one of those exceptions;
iv. I am not even given the option, as I simply stated, to have my fan fixed and not replaced; flat out -- Best Buy (or the manufacturer, Dyson) will not fix it, it’s just replaced, but under amount that was paid for the product, not “like kind” technology;
v. Best Buy policy (or Dyson) is they do not fix these products -- it’s just replaced;
vi. per the cashier, and the representation to me -- it’s replaced with “like-kind” technology;
vii. Per the manager and the representative, the “like-kind technology” does not exist and they could only refund the money;
viii. After discussing this matter with Manager, I asked what other fans they had -- we walked over to the fan area to take a look at the inventory;
ix. the “new model” was on display, which looked exactly like my fan -- except it was white, and mine is gray;
x. however, this is not “like-kind” technology, as the Manager explained to me this was the new model and it would not qualify?
1. Really? What is meant by “like-kind” technology
2. I only have to assume, because Best Buy has raised the price on the new model, or as I see it -- “like-kind” technology, it no longer qualifies?

3 Now back track on this scenario, as represented to me -- if I had problem with this product or any other product I purchased from Best Buy, no problem, Best Buy replaces it with the same product or like kind technology-- NOT TRUE.

a. I am expected to receive the original amount of money back, and I would have to make up the difference for the newer model;
b. Bottom line, I purchased the extended to protect my investment, and as clearly explained to me while purchasing the warranty (for this product and other), against price increases for new “like kind” technology as it’s replaced with the “like kind” technology or the next level up;
c. It makes absolutely no sense to purchase the extended warranty to guard against the original purchase price -- the percentage % paid for this warranty versus the original selling price would not merit the “risk” for purchasing the warranty;
d. Best Buy has always represented the purchase of the extended warranty to protect my investment with the repair or replacement of the product.

Furthermore, even the cashier made a mistake in explaining it to me -- as I asked, if I waited until the manufacturer warranty period lapsed, then it would be covered by the Best Buy Warranty? As she stated, Best Buy would deem the fan not repairable and swap it out. Again, this is what I am asking for?!

i. when I re-directed this statement to the Associate, then she recanted and said I would still probably have the same issue?

ii. Okay, what does “swap” mean?
iii. Whenever I asked the Manager this same question and reiterated the same statement, he stated that Best Buy could have a policy one day, and it changes the next day?

iv. Per the website for Dyson Fans – it states they will fix the product with parts and labor.

• Per Best Buy, who is supposedly acting under the warranty guidelines for Dyson – they do not <FRAUD>. Black and white.

→ this represents the worst, and most unethical business practices I have ever heard?

→ I purchased this product under the representations, and relied upon the Best Buy sales associate for correct information, only to be told by the Manager policies can change without notice, and accordingly, ignoring any prior statements. Wow ???

Bottom Line Economics --

1. The immaterial difference, and unethical treatment in this deal will result in the following:

• you will no longer be patronized by me or anyone in my sphere of friends and network of professional business associates;

2. My Best Buy reward zone Membership # [protected]

Please take a look at my account, in just the last 10 days I have purchased the following:

• Nest Dropcam
• Samsung 47” inch curved television;
• Samsung 32” Smart TV
• Logitech MX Master Mouse (highest priced mouse on the shelf)

Now, look at my prior years, just last year I purchased a different Samsung Curve @ $ 3800.00; GoPro Camera, approximately 5 Dropcams; Tide Swash Machine; Dyson handheld vacuum; computers for my professional office;

** these are just to name a few off the top of my head, there’s a lot more.

Additionally, now consider my anticipated purchase (I was waiting to hear back on one additional component), I had an estimate work-up through the Magnolia Center of Best Buy, I believe with “Kendrick” for a $7200.00 stereo system.

Just to point out and reiterate, please review my Best Buy account -- you will see I have made a considerable number of purchases, both personally and for my business interests, and I am not trying to take “advantage” of Best Buy, but I was asking for simple “immaterial” considerations:

** the stereo system -- forget it, I have no interest in dealing with Best Buy as you do not honor and stand behind your warranties, period.

** while reviewing all the purchases I’ve made in the past, enjoy the past, as you will not be patronized nor will you receive any future business from me.

** dealing online has always been easier, even though I always enjoyed patronizing brick and mortar -- why would I continue? Online is simply easier and Amazon’s customer service blows away Best Buy!

Per the warranty specifications off promotional material for Dyson Fans →

• 2 year parts & labor warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller
• Smooth airflow- Air Multiplier technology amplifies the airflow No chopping blades means no buffeting
• Save energy- use in conjunction with air conditioning to lower energy bills by up to 20%
• Safe for children- no fast-spinning blades
• Quieter- re-engineered for improved sound quality
• Easy to clean- no grilles or dusty blades

Again, whenever I asked Best Buy to simply fix the fan, per the Associate and the Manager, under the direction of Dyson’s warranty (via Best Buy) they will not fix the fan, just refund the original amount of my purchase.

Question- what does the first point mean -- 2 year parts and & labor warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller; this statement is all over the internet, please feel free to search, and please review Dyson’s website.

Best Buy -- don’t bother contacting me, I have no interest in dealing with you at this point. And accordingly, I will deal with your fraudulent advertising and misrepresentation accordingly in the proper venue.

Dyson, before I start to vent and disseminate my experiences with your product, please advise on how you would like to correct your faulty products? As I have asked Best Buy, I would simply like it fixed per the warranty? I will assume ten business days to be a reasonable period of time -- if you cannot address it with within this time frame, don’t bother.

Best Regards,

Matthew France, a former Customer @ Best Buy

Jul 28, 2015

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