Dunkin Donuts / the lazy managers

Quincy, MA, United States

There is a Dunkin Donuts in Quincy, Ma on Sea st. I am a regualer at this store and it has great service with the exception of the Managers. When i go there I am on my way to work and i expect to be in and out with a perfect cup of coffee. Its early in the morning and busy so why is there only one crew member working up front, bouncing back and forth as fast as she can from coffee to ringing in the order to getting the donuts. Hey i thought mebey there short an employe today but im there everyday and now i relize what goes on. There is a manager that should be up front that has wondered down the back "hanging" out with her boyfriend/husband/ baker. This is unfair. A crew is slaving back and forth with a line of 10 people and all the managers & baker are in the back having a great time. I have taked to some of the crew to get a lil info and the whole time there doing nothing, there all reciving tips (when there doing nothing). I feel bad for the workers that work in the morning shift. When the managers are up there working together one on coffee and one on the register, all they do is gossip. This person that person blah blah blaH. HOW ABOUT YOU SHUT UP, CONCENTRATE SO I CAN GET THE RIGHT COFFEE FOR ONCE?!!" Is what i feel like yelling at them. This dunkies is unbelivable, the crew works so hard in exchange to share there tips with a bunch of lazy need to get fired managers. I became friends with a young lady that worked there and all the stories she has told me, woah ! my heart goes out to all you hard workers, you deserve better. And PLEASE if your looking for a job stay away from the dunkin Donuts on Sea st in Quincy, Ma!

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