Dunkin Donuts / manager at the victory highway west greenwich, ri store

West Greenwich, RI, United States

We have had nothing but problems. My employees have to leave work to go back and fix their orders almost daily. My family and I can not get our coffee, latte, or even sandwiches made right. It costs us a lot of time and frustration.
We have spoke with the store mgr on numerous occasions and sometimes she will help us with a smile, but most of the times she rolls her eyes, mumbles under her breath and can't seem to be bothered.
Today was the last straw... she yelled at me in front of everyone, and told me (and i quote)- " I am nothing but a problem and you should never come here anymore, use another DD instead" !
I filed a coorperate complaint and nothing was done, I also filed w/ eye witness news l and will keep filing until something is done about this manager.
I drive to another Dunkin now, even though it is out of my way- they have not messed up my order yet, and they are friendly. This is how all Dunkins should be.

Ps- my son still goes there because he does not want to drive farther, and they mess up his order as well, but doesn't say anything. Today they put his breakfast sandwich on a bagel- instead of english muffin and burned the egg and cheese wrap! He goes there every day, and gets the same thing... how can they be in business?????

Sep 14, 2017

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