Dunkin Donutscomplains about the service in 220 broadway somerville massachusetts

In tha last 2 years all customers have bad experience in this donkin donuts restaurant long time ago the service is exelent manegers exelent customers never have complians but ín last 2 years tha new maneger changen everyting renove shairs from tables now the new maneger closed the bathroons for ever manege gry in papers sorry bathroons is out of secvice an they never fixe the problem now the customers dont s have bathroons for customer use in this donkin donuts new maneger say this donkin donuts is only for buy at coffe or donuts an goooooo away in tha mournig some time the maneger call police for take the customers out of the donkin donuts. Please dd corporation take actions abot this problems thanks

Aug 02, 2018

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