Dunkin Donuts / filthy and poorly run

United States
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I have been to many Dunkin Donuts over the years but never have I been to one as poorly run and dirty as the one on SR 54 in New Port Richey Fl I think the address was 7635. The employees were not helpful, there was garbage and food all over the floor, every table was dirty and even the ice cream on the baskin robbins part was gross and contaminated looking. The raspberry ice cream actually had an ice cube dropped in the top of it that looked like it fell out of a latte of some kind. It was brown. I waited for a while for help while 8 employees were working, was ignored and finally left. The place where sandwiches were being prepared was covered in many seeds from bagels. I watched a girl prepare a flatbread right on top of the seeds. Are you aware people have allergies to some of these seeds? I personally think Dunkin Donuts is the best coffee ever but would never recommend any one to go to this store again. Filthy and poorly run. Someone needs to retrain these employees.


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