Dunkin' Brandswrong order and customer service

On May 11 the my order was taken through the drive thru, once I got to the window and paid, the cashier instructed me to pull up front and wait for my order, needless to say I waited well over 10 minutes for my order to be brought out, only to find out, while en route to work, that the order was not what I ordered and the items were of lesser value of what I paid for. Mind you 2 weeks prior I had a coupon for an extra large coffee and the cashier would not honor coupon because they were all out of xl cups, she was not even accommodating for an exchange for something comparable. The cashier(manager) had a bad attitude and lacked conflict resolution skills.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Newark, NJThis the worst dunkin donuts in terms good customer service in my area. There are not too many drive thru's and this one is the only one near my house. I've lately trying out the one near my job in Montclair, NJ but no drive thru, but very pleasant attitudes and inviting, but getting out of my car to go in makes me late for work. All of this to say the Dunkin Donuts on 311 Springfield Avenue, Newark NJ #313 employees and manage need mandatory customer service training. I've had too many bad experiences there to go in further detail. You must think why do I keep going back? 1. To support my community, 2. I love DD coffee and I need it some mornings. And 3. Hoping that the service will improve.

May 11, 2017

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