Dunkin' Brands / management

Norwich, CT, United States

At the Dunkin Donuts at 60 town street in Norwich CT (the one without a drive thru), management is deplorable. Not only do I know for a FACT that managers steal tips from the employees, I have also been inside while they are being berated and belittled in front of customers. They are frequently understaffed and I am guessing it's because no one wants to work there due to the unfair practices. Minors are closing without any manager or even a shift leader around. I've asked about this and was shocked! Just one other adult employee is there to look after things. I do not find this acceptable and I do not support or use this Dunkin because of the management in particular. They are rude to customers, and terrible to their employees. Who takes tips from minimum wage workers!? Disgusting. Many people are aware of the crooked management of this place and something needs to be done about it. I've never seen a fast food restaurant run this poorly.

Sep 26, 2017

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