Dubai First / useless insurance claims

Dubai, United States

I lost my job in July and immediately called Dubai First customer care to process my Insurance Claim. I submitted the request and they never called me for updates. They blocked my card which they said is for "security reasons". Even my online account is useless because I cannot view any statement. They wouldn't send me statement until November!"I've been emailing them for updates they would not answer and calling the customer care center is just the worst experience ever. They would promise call back but they never called. Oh, by the way, their collections team are so evil! I bet other customers can attest to this! They are so evil with an annoying accent!!!
I paid 1800 AED in October to stop thos nasty calls still waiting for them to work on my insurance claims and has been making follow ups which they ignore until the nasty email I receive from them demanding a payment else they will file legal case.
So after couple of arguements over the phone, I demanded to talk to a manager by the name of Laviña, she misled me big time with different information which gave me an impression that she doesn't know anything about the process, all she said was"I'm sorry"and"I cannot comment on that". After talking to her last Sunday 9th of December 2018, she said she will follow up with the insurance company and I should call back after 3 working days. Imagine the time line!!! I applied for the insurance claim in July and they are just taking action this December!!!
I have the funds and I want to pay but I just want to know how much I need to pay and I seriously want to get something from that insurance which I paid monthly! Still I paid 6000AED.
She said I am supposed to call back after 3 days as Dubai First customer care service do not call customers for updates regarding claims!
(LIAR!!! Everytime I would call their customer care I am always promised a call back after 3 days but they never did!)
So I called back today after 3 business days as she advised, no luck, I told the agent I will post on social media about my bad experiences they caused me if Laviña will not call me back and guess what, she called and she didn't remember me!!! Wow! I told her I am calling because it was her advise to call back to check the status of my claims, and she just rephrased what I said covering the obvious fact that she forgot about me. She said my the claim is approved for month of July and prorated amount for the month of August but my card is permanently blocked due to non payment and bad payment record. Amazing isn't it? I do not want to post this because it is energy draining to do but they just pushed all my buttons down. I called them
Again to asked what happened to that 1800 payment? The agent said it should be on my September SOA because I made the payment in October. So I checked all the statements again after that call and found out that they did not send my September statement. So I do not have a choice but to call them back to ask them to resend me my September statement because I cannot see the 1800 AED I paid in any of the statements and that September SOA is missing to my surprise the agent said I have to pay 50AED so they can send my September SOA! Wow! Just wow! Such a reap off! Oh, by the way, they can only send it to me after 2 working days! What a great company!

Dec 12, 2018

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