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Dubai Airport / customer service

1 Sri Lanka Review updated:

I wish to bring to your attention that the the staff at the Dubai International Airport are very impolite. They don't answer questions they just dismiss you. If you attempt to ask for the Second time, they get annoyed. I cannot understand why these people are even employed if they cant even assist a Passenger.

I also feel that the eye scanning for business class passengers must be done in separate line in a more convenient way. Currently all business class passengers also have to stand in a very long queue with everyone.
What was most alarming was how I was sent back from business class immigration express checkout line even though I had ticket to prove. The minder of queue was so rude he told me not to talk to much and to stand in last corner as I didn't Look Like A Business Class passenger. I honestly felt very hurt and intimidated. All I tried to tell him was that I was indeed a business class passenger.
This is almost the third time I experienced the staff being very rude and they give one word answers. It would be nice if some compassion and courtesy is shown to visitors who are looking forward to spending time and money in Dubai. Judging tourists by face or wealth is not correct. I cancelled my trip and returned back to my country as I honestly felt ashamed after the way I was spoken to. Many Air ports around the world are trying to reach up to tourists and look after their needs but I see no improvement in Dubai.

People don't have to speak perfect English but if they can smile, show some interest then it will go a long way. The saddest part is everyone tells me no point in complaining as they won't care. I hope you will look into this matter and try to improve the way the Dubai Airport staff handle people.

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  • Sy
      26th of Feb, 2012
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    Hi, i live in australia. I booked my ticket in FLY EAMIRATES. This airline depature from sydney to Dubai, in dubai three hours stay over there, after that plane dapature from dubai to india. When i arrived at Dubai, I felt in Washroom, i felt ziddy, and my eyes becum closed and i jus lay down on flor. I dont knw wt happend with me. i carry $ 2800 AUD, in my pocket. The ground staff of Dubai Airport, they picked me up from washroom and get me to room. After that you know what they did when i lay down on floor, they toke out my $ 2200 Australian doller and left $ 600 Australian doller in my pocket. And also they steel my specs. How dare they took my money from my pocket. This is not fair, there is one girl and one man (ground staff of dubai airport) who took my Money. After that they send me to hotel. when i get back in my position i was in hotel room. I also missed my flight to Delhi. I jus wan to get justice. I also want my money back, caz i earn that money by a lot efforts and hard work. And dubai airport staff stolen my money in a minute. I want to complaint in dubai airport manager...any one give me advise abt this matter...this inccident happend in 18 october 2011.

  • Mo
      2nd of Oct, 2012
    +1 Votes

    These people are illiterate, uncultured, and no respect for human beings. There is no use of complaining. No one is goin to take action against these people. I think the Arabs in dubai are better. But in sharjah u will be able to see worst Arabs who never talk to people in a proper way. I am sitting in sharjah emigration office and writing this. I came here after vacation with my family to dubai airport terminal-3, my son's entry was stamped in the passport but it was not entered in their computer system. And later after 4 months wen I came to renew his visa it was showing the visa as cancelled and the person has not entered into the country. I had to pay fine of around Dhs. 1100/- to these people to get my sons visa stamped. All are asking me to file a case against these people as its not my mistake and its their mistake and we have to pay for that. No logic in this I guess. The money these people are eating is haraam and Allah will take all these one day from them.

  • Ro
      9th of Dec, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Hi, my name is Ron Stancomb, I live in UK. I am a frequent visitor to Dubai for my business. I read an article on the web about an explosion in a luggage scanning machine in the US. This machine is made by a company called Rapiscan located in California. They were using an X-ray Bomb in their scanner made by a Chinese company from SHanghai. One site states several security personnel were hurt and luggage destroyed. The same company earlier this year violated testing procedures on their body scanning machine, not only did this machine invaded privacy of the passenger by depicting his/her nude body, but also subjected the human body to radiation. The US government had banned usage of Rapiscan Body scanners in US after some congressman and senators filed complaints with TSA. the ban was lifted in August with the company agreeing to provide testing date and assuring TA they will follow all procedures as outline by TSA. To add insults to our injuries and worried now the explosion in the baggage has created additional worries for passengers at Dubai airport as many of their baggage scanners are made by this company. US has banned the usage of Rapiscan scanners at the airports and cancelled all future contracts. SInce the Dubai Airport continues to use Rapiscan machines, we as passengers are concerned about our security. Immediately it is is about the safety of our luggage, but in addition the safety from the radiation and privacy compromising with exposing naked images of passengers. We as passengers would appreciate if the UAE govt. will follow suit of the TSA.

  • An
      19th of Jun, 2014
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    I was surprised by the experience that my wife and myself had on a recent trip from India to Dubai. On June 11 we arrived in Dubai, waiting in line to get through passport control so that we could rest in our hotel since we had a 14 hour layover. We received our transit visa (which was pasted on our hotel voucher) from the currency exchange and waited almost one hour in line to have our passports stamped. When it was our turn to hand over our passport to the agent, we soon realized why it took so long. The young ladies who were working at the desk happened to be both "trainees" with limited English speaking abilities. Anyhow, they stamped our passports but discarded our hotel voucher into a locked box. When asked about the voucher, they made an effort to ask for the key to open the box. However, none of the other agents were willing to help find the key. Because of this, we were asked to go to the Customer Service desk to get a new hotel voucher and come back to the front of the line so that we could exit passport control without much problem. We went to customer service, explained our situation and issued a new voucher but we were told to get a new transit visa. We went again to the currency exchange to get the new visa and from there went back to passport control. When we reached the front of the line (which we were at 10 minutes ago) the ladies who had stamped our passport had left since there shift ended. We brought our concerns to neighboring agents who then told us to wait back in line. This was getting frustrating. We waited in line for an additional 20 minutes until the next agent arrived for his shift. When he called us to come forward, we explained to him what had happened but more importantly we told him we had already gone through passport control with our passports already stamped. This agent did not seem to have the time or patience to listen to what we were saying because he was stamping our passports anyways. My wife interrupted him again and told him that we had already had our passports stamped by the previous agent. After stamping our passports again, he realized what we were telling him and told us we can go. In summary, this passport control process took more time than was needed. We reached Dubai at 12:30 PM and left the airport 2:45 PM. We hope in the future that necessary steps will be taken by the part of Dubai International Airport to avoid such unnecessary delays or inconveniences.

  • Sr
      4th of Nov, 2014
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    shocked with what happened in the airport security check. My father in law aged about 70, was going through the securitycheck alone on 3rd November, 2014 evening flight to trivandrum. He was asked to keep his phone in the tray and was asked to pass through the security channel,
    when he came to collect his phone, his phone was missing. A policeman with the no: +971 505672272 helped him call me in ghana, to get the imei number, but the my father in law was stressed out since he had to catch his flight. I advised him to forget the phone and move on to the gate so that he doesnot miss his flight.
    can this happen during the security check? so i want to ask the authorities, who is responsiblle for the loss his phone ?
    some time you ask us to put the purse, belt, shoes through the scanner now how safe are these. cost of his smart phone was $300 but what if we have more money in our purse.
    i hope we get some reply from the respective authorities.

  • Ne
      6th of Jan, 2015
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  • Is
      21st of Feb, 2015
    0 Votes

    مساء الخير
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    لكن المشكلة الأكبراني نسيته بجوار هذا المسجد الذي هو قريب من بوابة 6 تقريبا
    هل اطمع ان أصل إلى أي معلومات عنه
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  • Me
      7th of Jul, 2015
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    I had been on a flight from Phuket to Dubai and we had a 5 hour wait and couldnt wait to get home as i had my baby with me.I got ill by just throwing up and i was told that i am not fit to fly, looking at my baby and husband my heart broke but i told them to go.I was kept at the airport so my flight could get rebooked and what a process but i was taken care of in geting food vouchers and a hotel to stay.My husband and baby was on the flight to durban not knowing where i will be and if i will be fine and Emirates staff wont even allow me to make a call or email.As i walked i met a guy Asad Raza and he assited me and helped me in emailing my family to let them know know where i was staying and the contact number.Hats off to Asas Raza yet the emirates staff couldnt even offer the service to me.

  • U2
      12th of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    This is about a a training customer care agent and in the work time he use to be in social media and as well as he post pictures with the other trainers in his social media so its invane of having those type of carelessness people who break the rules and its a harm for then name of other emirates customer care agents too. Its a black mark to have a employee like that. And its a wastage of time and all the other for a employee like that who don't do his job well.
    ( customer care trainee's name : Mohommad I.Passela)

  • Ar
      22nd of Sep, 2015
    0 Votes

    Only I asked for baggage tag, rude answer was talk to staff, I don't know whether she was an in charge at that point in time... When I told her, this was not polite...
    She asked my boarding pass and instructed staff on duty to off load me from the flight.. I can't believe such an egoistic person at customer service. Btw counter was Cebu pacific check in counter.. Date 22sept time 8:50pm

  • Ba
      30th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    I live in india i heard number of people missing their passports in dubai international airport that was a bad experience faced by my brother in law while he was travelling through emirates flight ticket from india to chicago
    There was 3 hours halt at dubai international airport and went to the line for security check in that process he kept his passport on the desk in front off him he lost his passport with in 5 seconds of time funny thing is upper side of the desk there is a cc camera he requested the security to check but they rejected and sent him to the emirates office later they came to him and said there is no evidence of lost found in cc footage and they argued him that you didn't come in the emigration line. Even he went to the police station to give the complaint but they refused and sent to the emirates office.. Another one more person with the same reason he came to the emirates office. My brother in law heard the news by stalls in the airport that number of people is missing their passports in the same place while travelling 1st time. Careful with your belongings especially passport finally after 2 days he returned to chennai airport who is steeling the passports why these people are playing games of students future. My brother in law explained that was a very bad experienced what he faced in dubai international airport what these people are doing with that passports is there any terror links to isis or any scam is going on really allah should know what is going on there especially the same place... Be careful friends while you are travelling in dubai it's not at all safest place.

  • As
      12th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    I've waites almost 20 minutes in the immigration line. At the screen on my line said "all passengers". With the relief that finally my turn came I presented my passport and visa to the officer. He asked "how are u" I replied in surprise "fine thank u". But He was actually asking "how are u in this line". Turns out I was supposed to be warned by some lady shouting that this was the line for residents- which I was not warned. I asles the officer why the screen wrote "all passengers" and was immediately to leave the line and go to anıther one or talk to the officer. One after the other eevertes me to another personelle at the end I found a quite impolite officer saying its not his problem and aksing me to wait another at least half an hour line. When I asked where I can complain, he gave an address that did not work, then tool my passport saying he would phptocopy it as I said I's complain, in a threatening manner. I can not belirve the roughness and inpoliteness of the officers, they just treat you as if u are their slaves! Hope someone gives these men some trainings in manners!

  • Ni
      20th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    Good day to you.
    I was traveling from Germany to Dubai yesterday and i landed in terminal 3. After i passed the passport checking and baggage claim, on my way out, i was stopped by 2 of custom staffs which they asked me for my passport and after throwing some random questions about my work visa and where i work, they told me that if i smoke marijuana and when was the last time i smoked. I told them i didnt smoke and one of the guys threatened me that we have the testing equipment here and we can see if you smoked in passed 10 months, which in reply i told him we can go right now and you can check me and see that im clean. Again he asked are you sure? I said yes im sure. He asked me again that if i took any pills like teramadol and i told him no. All of this was while these 2 people were looking at each other and talking to themselves in a fun way. How ever i told the guy we can go and test me right now. If i have any drugs in my blod you can jail me and i dont say anything but what if there is nothing?! He then replied that has nothing to do with you and i did my job only.

    And the end they just let me go but in a way that they think they know im a drug addict and they were just having mercy on me to let me go. I was humiliated in front of all those people and threatened, but i can not do anything. Atleast they could take me to one side and not do it in the middle of crowd. All i ask is just to make sure your staff know their place and not let these sort of accusations happen again without any consequences.

  • Ni
      20th of Jan, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Above was a email which i sent to airport complain center from what happened to me there

  • Du
      10th of Apr, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I completely agree with the above. They are illiterate, disgusting mannered peasants working in the immigration/ visa section. Next time UAE airport staff come to Great Britain they should treat them exactly how they treat tourists - like dirt. They want us to boost their economy, but, employ low class, aggressive people. Shame on them!

  • Ir
      19th of Jan, 2017
    0 Votes

    I am completely agreed with the above mentioned detail about the rude behavior of the mostly staff.
    I want to tell you some thing which happened to me when I was coming from Saudia to Duabi. I brought some water from Makkah (Aab-e-Zam Zam) which is very modest and precious for all Muslims if someone realize. The security checker a girl, told me to open my hand carry bag containing dates and water only and weight up to 5-6 kg.. I opened it and she told me again to bring out the water bottle (packed in poly thin bag) from the bag to throw it in the bin (blue color, big one). I asked why ? she rudely behave and get me to other person a security Officer (in brown uniform). He didn't listen my request and threw the water. I beg him I and all my family will drink this water in front of him, but don't throw it. he don't care at all, saying liquid is not allowed, not allowed...
    After some minutes there was a foreigner who has wine with him in his hand and come out from security process. I asked again what is this ?
    A non Muslim is permitted to bring wine which is also liquid !!!
    2nd. I told him If bought wine or any other soft drink from duty free shop then it is acceptable for you ?
    3rd. From Saudia (Jeddha Airport) they have also checked the bag and give me permission to take water with me. then why at Dubai airport it is prohibited !!! ?
    That is really amazing and shocking for us.
    I want just to ask from the policy makers of the Airport Management this a Justice that a non Muslim can bring liquid with him but a Muslim can not bring even precious water ?
    my children and my relatives are very unhappy with this event. they were really waiting for this... I have nothing to say...

  • Do
      4th of Apr, 2017
    0 Votes

    The travel agency / ticket counter helpers Dnata forced me to buy a extra ticket from them by claiming that the country I was going to had some kind of law that states .That in order to go to country you had to a ticket going out of that country . I knew this was complete BS because I’ve been traveling in and that country for over a decade …. So, when I tried argue I started to realize that they were really getting a kick out of not letting me on my fight unless I buy that ticket… At the Dnata travel agency which was the only one close enough to buy a ticket and not miss my fight because I was already running late…the guy from the ticket counter even talked to the travel agency and said something to my travel agent which made him laugh and go extra slow… But also noticed the tourist industry workers in general are rude to people that don’t look rich I had to deal one the most stuck up airline workers I have ever see when my suitcase got misplaced …. Reading these comments made me realize that I’m not the only one who’s good time tourist industry workers tried ruin… It’s almost like they want us common folk down there ….. Even though we’re the ones that basically pay their salaries…. At the rate they are going now … Dubai is going to be un-trendy soon

  • Mi
      6th of Apr, 2017
    0 Votes

    This happened to me too. I was a business class passenger and asked to go to the economy line and not allowed to speak. I was mortified and my complaints went nowhere.

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