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I've emailed back and forth with the customer service department at Drivetime for the past week or two. The lady I emailed with encouraged me to contact my local drivetime and that they would get me in a vehicle. Given the local drivetime is an hour and a half away, I was leery of just showing up to find that things wouldn't go well. I called the St. Louis drivetime and explained my situation. He said to bring my info and my wife's info up there and we could get a minivan or SUV using both of our info. I was concerned since she had just purchased her car from drivetime in February so I was surprised that she could qualify for another car again so soon but he said it would be fine and we needed a van so we made the trek up there today. We had to get a special babysitter since my son has special needs; it's a big deal. We get there and apparently I had called another St Louis location because they didn't know what I was talking about with regards to my info and such. The man who helped us was nice though and looked into it all. He said no, my wife couldn't be on a new loan at all since it had only been a few months. Okay. Then he said he couldn't count the adoption subsidy of over $1600 a month that we receive because it comes in my name and my wife's name. I explained that they didn't use that towards her income when she bought her car but I guess that didn't matter. He did tell me I could do a lease vehicle and there were two I could pick from. They weren't at his location but at another St Louis location about 45 minutes away. He had me and my wife go with another employee up to the other location to pickup one of the two vehicles. To say they were in rough condition would be a gross understatement. The first vehicle smelled...bad. The door handles in the backseat had been chewed up from what I'm assuming was a dog. The seats were stained, the headliner was stained, the exterior looked like it had been beaten and scraped up. To top it off, it made a horrible beeping noise when we tried to leave with it which caused us to have to stay while someone figured it out. We looked at the other lease vehicle and while it initially looked okay, it too was stained up and somehow was missing the center console lid amongst other issues. I couldn't see paying the over $12K asked for either vehicle so we had to make the long 45 minute trip back to the original location with no vehicle. The original salesman was busy so we stood there for a few minutes thinking the manager (I assume that's who he is) that sat there watching us would offer some sort of apology for the condition of the vehicles but instead nobody said a word to us.
I'm assuming there's a lesson to be learned here somehow but I don't know what it is yet. I paid over $80 for a special babysitter; spent most of my day going to, from and all over St Louis, and left feeling embarrassed and stupid for having tried to buy a vehicle. That's not exactly the experience I had hoped for.

Jun 11, 2017

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