In 2007 I got a Dodge Caravan with Drive Time out of Live Oak, Tx.The van was a 03, 55 thousand miles on it.The payments were 403.00 a month, which was fine but by time I paid it off I would of been paying 25 thousand for it.I liked the van and they said everything on it was working great.I took it for a test drive and it ran good.I drove the van 4 days a week 7 miles a day to and from work.After 9 weeks, I was driving to a doctors appt.cause I was sick with the flu and the van just stopped running right on the freeway.I had to try and get it off the road as soon as I could.I ended up having to steer and push it to the side of the highway.It would not start and when I tried to start it, the van made a loud whirling sound but wouldn't actually start.I called a tow truck and brought it home.The tow cost me 75 dollars.

I called drivetime and explained what had happened.The van itself was still under warranty at the time.The lady was very rude with me and told me that it wasn't her problem it broke down and that I should call the DT-repair hotline.I called the hotline and talked to a mechanic.He told me I could bring the van to the only shop in my area that did repairs for drivetime, tow it at my expense.The shop was about 40 miles away and the cheapest tow quote was 120 dollars to get it there.The van also had to be in the shop by 7am.I couldn't get it there that early because of work and having to pay extra for a tow truck to come pick it up early.I didn't get off work until 8am.The repair shop refused to accept the van after 7am.The Dt-Repair mechanic asked me over the phone what I thought the problem with the van was.I explained what happened to it and he then asked me again, what I thought was wrong with it? I don't know! I am not a mechanic!

I contacted the dealership where I bought the van to see if they had a tow truck or way to get the van to the repair shop.The woman I spoke to before, was rude with me again and said that they do not have a tow service.I explained the towing cost and she again said it wasn't her problem and that I should ask a friend to tow it to the shop.

I asked to speak with a manager about this issue as I now noticed that gasoline was leaking from under the van.I was told the manager would call me back by 2pm that day, that he was in a meeting and couldn't be reached.I waited 3 days and no one called me back.I called them back and was now told that the manager has been out of town since last week and won't be back until monday.(So they lied)

I called Monday and was told the manager was busy and she promised she would have him call me by 5pm.Well, 5pm came and went and no calls.Here the van still sits, leaking gas and won't start.I finally called the next day and got the manager.He informed me that he would look into the matter and try and work out a deal about the van.Since it was under warranty and I had only had it a very limited time, he would look into maybe a trade for something else or see about getting a tow truck to pick it up.He said he would call me back ASAP!

I waited 2 days and did not hear from them.I called them again and was told the manager was in a meeting and couldn't be reached until after 4pm.So at 4:15 I called and the manager got on the phone with me and said he was working on a tow truck and would call me back by that Thursday to pick it up.

Thursday came and went, so did Friday.I couldn't reach anyone on the weekend so I ended up calling the Corp. office on Monday to complain.I spoke with a woman named Cindy who told me to stop making payments on the van and that by tomorrow morning they would have someone contact me about working out a trade and would re work the loan and get me into a better vehicle.So I did not make the payment but no one called me back.

The next day my phone blew up with calls about my payment being one day past due.I told the lady who called the situation and what I was informed.She said she knew nothing about such a deal and that the payment was due right away.I told her I am not paying for a van that is not running, and the corp.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Live Oak, TXoffice told me to stop making the payments cause they were to call me with a deal or a trade and loan rewrite.
Four more days passed and I ended up calling the dealership and speaking with that same manager who promised me a tow and repair.He said that since I'm not making a payment he didn't know if he could tow the van to get it fixed.He said he would call me back in an hour.I waited and he didn't call back (not shocked about that)
I gave it 3 more days and finally called the again.They claimed that they spoke with the manager at the Live Oak, Texas DriveTime and that he was going to contact me about the van.
TWO weeks later and me leaving about 12 messages with the office for the manager to call me back, he finally calls and tells me I must pay 804 dollars in due van loans, that the warranty for parts and labor expired yesterday on the van but that he will tow it to the shop and do the repairs and then add the repairs onto my loan at 25% interest or I can pay upfront the cost of repair and towing.I asked him about the trade in for a running van or car, by this time I was so angry about him waiting until the warranty expired before offering to repair.I told him to come pick up this piece of garbage and that I don't want it now nor do I want to do business with a bunch of crooks anymore!
He argued with me and told me he would pick up the van, repair it and add the towing and repairs onto my loan and that he neded 804 dollars for the past month of due loans.I told him I'm not paying for a van that I've not used cause the piece of junk has been broken and it took them so long to get back with me.
He argued with me and I finally told him to pick up this heep of junk, I DO NOT want it.He hung up on me.
I had a mechanic friend take a look at the van, the fuel tank was rusted out and had been repaired before and the transmission was blown on it.Under the drivers seat we found the previous owners repair bills for the van which included an estimate for a new transmission and alignment on the van itself.Drivetime sold me a van they knew was a hunk of junk.
Two days later I received a call from DriveTime from that same rude woman who told me that I was going to DIE without this van and that they were going to repo it and charge me thousands upon thousands of dollars for it.
They continued to call and stalk me for the payments which I refused to make.The van sat in my driveway for 4 months before the repo guy finally came and picked it up.
Now almost 1 1/2 years later, I am receiving life-threatning calls from a collection agency.Telling me I owe 11 thousand.They sold the van for 3 thousand and the remaining balance is due on the van.The collection agent who called me says he is going to come to my house and take every single thing I own from me and take my wages, social security and every single thing in my home worth a dime cause DriveTime will get their money and do anything and everything to make sure I suffer for not paying for that van.He also told me I was ignorant for not paying my car payment and that he didn't want to hear my excuse for not paying, that I owe them for the van and he would see me in court to take everything I own from my hands.
I am at my wits end as far as what to do with this company.They not only sold me a lemon but now they are stalking me and threatning me.I would of had no problem making the payments.It wasn't that I couldn't afford the payments! I was told by to hold off on the payments.The van was a nice one until it broke down.This company is terrible and I've told everyone I know not to do business with drivetime.
Also, while I was looking at cars, the salesman tried to sell me a black mazda car, I liked it but when he started the engine, a belt flew off from under the car and almost hit me in the legs.Goes to show what kind of cars they try to sell consumers and now I have this collection agency for drivetime, making terrible threats to take any money I earn to pay my rent and food.
I also should mention, I lost my job because I wasn't able to get to work on time after the van broke down! Thanks drive time!

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