Drive Time / unethical behavior

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The worst company ever. I signed a contract for 18, 000 and have made a total of 7500 in payments and they are saying I owe them 16, 000. Every time I call I always get the rudest agents... Always. They do not care about the customer and they have no sympathy what so ever. They sold me a faulty car now after having it taken to the shop and now Chrysler has to have a look at it because this particular model was not supposed to be sold according to Chrysler. I understand I went to a bad credit place but seriously they do not care to help at all and treat the guest like complete garbage. I tried to take my car to two different dealerships to trade it in AND two different times to try and refinance and that did not work out, when I called Drive Time all they said was and I quote, " You should not have signed this contract then." Seriously? What an amazing company...

Nov 25, 2017

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