Dreamsorder 120a011967

This order was delivered to my Mum on 12th April. Unfortunately the delivery men could not get it upstairs and it was returned to Furmanac for knock down. I asked at the time if I needed to contact yourselves but was told no that they would sort it and it would be delivered again in 2-3 weeks. As it is approaching 3 weeks I rang Furmanac today to find out when we could expect delivery. To my surprise they said they had it for knock down but had not received authority from Dreams to carry it out. I was not particularly happy as the bed is for my 88 year old Mum with failing health who has been sleeping on a sub standard bed. Obviously nothing has happened on that time and if I hadn't rung I would be none the wiser. Consequently I was advised to ring yourselves to obtain the authority. I rang around 10.45 on the 2nd May and spoke to Dean. As this call was recorded it may be a good idea for you to listen to his disrespectful attitude. He virtually jumped down my throat when I suggested Furmanac were waiting for authority saying the company knew nothing about it. He then said there would be a charge which hadn't been mentioned to me by anyone before. I tried to explain that we should have been given an option in the store to have the frame in 2 parts ( according to the delivery man) which we weren't. Dean said I should have told them in the shop if I thought it would be a problem to which I answered that I wouldn't have known it would be a problem as no-one said it was a one piece frame. Again his attitude was in my opinion disrespectful. I then challenged the charge and he said I don't get what your quibble is. It's not a free service even if you had discussed it in the shop. By this time I was extremely irritated by him and reluctantly agreed to pay by card. He put me on hold for the 2nd time during which time I decided I did not want to deal with him anymore and put the phone down. After discussion with my family and due to modifications to my Mum's banister I have arranged directly with Furmanac for the bed to be be delivered in one piece. This Dean had no idea whether he had cut me off bit failed to try and contact me to continue the conversation which to me showed his lack of interest in my query. Even if the information he gave me was correct, working in Customer Service requires a helpful and respectful response but he lacked both those qualities.
Hopefully we will have the bed in the next few days but it has left a very sour taste in my mouth.

May 02, 2017

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