Dreams / mattress

We bought a mattress from Dreams in Guildford in December 2017. It was a firm mattress which cost approx £200. For the past couple of months both myself and partner have been getting really bad backs something we never had before. It's worse for my fiancée as she is unable to sleep properly and it is affecting her mental health- she has been to the doctor and chiropractor but have concluded it is the mattress that needs changing. She has since developed severe depression- as a avid runner- she has been unable to run for over a month but is still affecting her. The mattress used to be firm but in less than 6 months- it has gone quite soft which is why it is affecting our backs.

We would like to purchase a new one but would like the cost of our mattress to be deducted from the price- we will definitely be spending a lot more towards it.

Jun 08, 2018

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