Domino's Pizzaan extremely poor pizza

T Nov 17, 2017

I ordered a pizza on Sunday 11/12/17. I believe the order number was #126. I got the white pizza and it was really freaking dry, huge bubbles and just plain bad. I mean the bacon was popping off since there was no sauce to hold it and only two slices on the right side of the pie were okay. I reached out to them that night, then two more additional times to complain and I haven't heard one word back. I used my hard earned money for this! I work so hard and don't get to have burgers or pizza often at all; I was 402 lbs and now I'm 270 and food like this only gets to happen once a week due to my lifestyle change. I chose Dominoes and they provided me a less than average pizza but then shove my complaint under the rug - not even an apology. I attached a picture, though taken with an inferior phone (mine was being fixed) you can see the difference between the two slices I mentioned and the rest of the pizza. I have gone on the site and praised the workers there for a superior job on some pizzas they provided me and my buddies and they thanked me when I walked into the store the next time but now that I have complained, I don't even get the decency of recognition. To pay for services and get inferior product is bad but to be blatantly ignored as well is infuriating! It is just pizza I know but the principle is one that cannot be ignored. I praised you for your awesome service you should square up and admit when you dropped the ball. Social media is my next step if this is not handled. In the beginning, for resolution, I would have been okay with a small discount for my next order but since I'm being ignored now, resolution for me would be free pizza and additional discount/free perks for desserts and the like. I hate being this guy but I paid money.

Do the right thing

Domino's Pizza

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