Dollaramapoor management

The problem with Dollarama is getting some one to intervene when bullying occurs in workplace. I'm a disabled person who loves working.
I work at the store on Morrison St in the old Target Plaza in Niagara Falls.
My bully of a boss Sandy and her sidekick Holly can't seem to be stopped. They have been making life HELL at work for me. I Have previously talked to our District Manager Rod at Dollarama in front of the bully. It didn't help. Her behavior has gotten worse. So I called HR about my bully and they won't address it. They tell me I have to sit down with our District Manager and the bully herself again to try and resolve it. These people don't appreciate an employees hard work or efforts. They just treat you like dirt.

I'm at my wits end. I will either have to quit my job or hope the District Manager willl give me a transfer to another store.

To give you an idea. Dec 3 at 6pm I was trying to sweep the floor behind the counter in between customers cause it was a bit messy. I was the only one on cash. I got lined up. Kim comes up front ( and in front of all the customers starts giving me hell about how messy the floor is. Its like what am I supposed to do? Ask customers to wait while I sweep the floor? Then she gives me hell cause there's receipts in the garbage that have been crumpled up and thrown away. Cause a lot of customers leave behind the receipts. So being the honest person I am, I throw them away.

First of all no employee should be chastised publicly in front of a customer. Secondly the floor would have been swept if I hadn't been lined up.

Dec [protected]@5:25pm had to call Holly to cash to do drop as til had blocked me.
Heard Holly muttering [censored]ing idiot under her breath as she finished the drop

628pm just before my break. Female customer came to counter said her husband bought the wrong blistex. Wanted to exchange it. Called Holly tp cash. I told Holly the issue she says No and walks away. Customer and I are left standing there. Had to call Holly back to cash as customer wanted to speak to her. Holly again explained to the customer we don't normally do this as indicated on receipt but agreed to do the exchange.

Nov 28
7:32pm while doing recovery as cash wasn't busy. I hear Sandy badmouthing me to Holly. She tells Holly that she doesn't want to close with me, and that closing would be ok if she could get along with me. So basically the management is intentionally being malicious without just cause.

I'm not hard to get along with. I always give 100% at my job. I'm the kind of person who bends over backwards to help others. I am a disabled person ( I have health issues) but I love working. I don't feel very welcome or wanted at this store. I love the job but hate the current work environment.

Dec 05, 2018

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