Dollarama / employee at store 357 — jackson square hamilton, ont


I shop at the Jackson Square Dollarama several times a week and I spend hundreds of dollars a month in that store. Today I had a confrontation with two employees at that store. I don't know their names because they wouldn't tell me. I ride a scooter as many, many people do in downtown Hamilton. I was trying o round a corner at the back of the store and go down the next aisle. The turn became congested with me on my scooter, a person with a walker, and somebody with a shopping cart. There was an empty stock trolley in the way and needed to be moved down about 6 inches to clear the jam. I asked the girl if she could move it down a little so I could clear the corner and she immediately had a bad attitude with me complaining that I was stopping her from doing her job. I said "excuse me" and she again replied that I was telling her not to do her job. Another female employee all of a sudden came over and started arguing about the situation with me when she wasn't there and didn't see what happened. She also told me that there are a lot of different Dollaramas that I can go shop at. Both of them very rude and very disrespectful. The first girl, (the one that I asked to move the cart) has been rude to me before on more than one occasion. Nobody likes the fact that there is congestion in the store, but I think that it would help if when they are finished unpacking the trollies they would remove them from the aisles instead of leaving them there piled up with empty folded boxes. The trolley takes up half of the aisle and people cannot pass in both directions. Why are all of these empty boxes ALWAYS blocking the aisles. If they're empty get rid of them. I wish I knew the names of the girls, but I don't. The assistant manager, Carrie, knows and said she would talk to the manager about it on Tuesday. I am also going to phone him on Tuesday. I was so upset by the way that I was treated by both of these girls that I left the items that I was going to purchase and left the store fighting back tears. Maybe they have something against people with disabilities. That's certainly the way they made me feel. It was a horrible scene and the way I was treated was so humiliating. The employees at that store are always having to move things so people can get by and they always do and don't have a problem with it except for this girl. I really think she hates her job because she has always been rude to me every time I have dealt with her. I don't think that she should have a job where she works with the public. My phone number is [protected]. Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions please feel free to phone me. Monika Manoryk

May 18, 2018

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