Dollar Tree / unethical behavior of an employee

I went to Dollar Tree to get a few things and this lady was behind me in the line, we got to talking while the lady was getting waited on in front of me and the cashier was very loud and rude. Her name is Reggie. she took the marker up from my stuff and instead of stopping with just my stuff she kept on ringing it up and ran the other lady stuff up with mine as well, the lady was mad and I was too. I spent a lot of money there and for Reggie to do this is not something I can let go.
this isn't the first time she has done something like this, but I let it go that time, but she has gotten worse..
the 2nd one is: 3/13/17
Reggie again, she got on the phone at the register and ask for help as she said that we (my daughter and I ) had too much stuff and she ask my daughter all kinds of questions of what she was going to do with the stuff and everything. it is none of her business what my daughter is going to do with it, it is getting to the point that we will go to another dollar tree instead of this one which is closer to us.
Reggie don't point no one else out but us and she say how much our amount is and how change, if I paid with food stamps, she give that info out as well.
She needs to be let go, she is very loud, rude and no manners what so ever. she don't like waiting on us and if they don't do something with her, we will go else where and or if I go there I wont let her wait on me anymore, I cant stand her!
Something has to be done, she carrying on too much in the line and she don't look that clean.

Mar 16, 2017

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