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My name is Teresa Espinoza, employee # [protected]. I was working at dollar tree in Tucson, Az store #06622. We recently got a new manager named Jessica, I don't know her last name. On the 23 of Jan. I needed one dollar bills for my register. She brought me 20 ones but didn't stick around for me to count it or to take the 20 from my register. She said to just hold onto it because she was on a conference call. Being a 20 dollar bill, I put it in my back pocket so I could give it to her when she passed by again. We both forgot about it and I went home at the end of my shift. About half hour later I realized I still had the 20 and started walking back to the store when Jessica texted me about the money. I told her I was on my way and would give it to Franchesca and let her know what it was for. The next morning Jessica asked me to come in before 10 am so I did. She wouldn't look me in the face but said Robert wanted me to write down exactly what happened so I did. Later that same evening she called me in again and said Robert wanted me to re-write the letter on company paper. I asked what was going on and she said nothing, that he needed it to explain why she was 20 short but that everything was OK and not to worry. As soon as I signed it she said I was fired because it was considered theft.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Tucson, AZ I can guarantee you I have never stolen from your store. I love my job and I want it back. Being the manager, per policy, she was suppose to stay and watch me count the money she gave me and taken the 20 from my register yet nothing happened to her for being negligent but I get fired? She should have been terminated if I was terminated. If she got written then I should have been written up. I want my job back if it's possible. I love my job and the customers. Being bi-lingual was a plus because alot of our customers don't speak English. Jessica has said loud enough for our customers to hear that she was ready to tell everyone to get the hell out of her store. She refused to assist a customer on her first day at the store. I'm not trying to take her job, I just want mine back. She's also stated that if I said anything about this that I wouldn't be allowed back in her store. I don't understand how a person with mental problems can manage a multi million dollar corporation and changes her mind about policy more than anyone I know. Never has any previous manager brought me money for my register and not stayed for me to count it and take the money the register owed. Please help me with this situation. I love my job and I want it back.
Thank you
Teresa Espinoza #[protected]

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    It's a shame when an employee gets terminated because of a managers negligence. They aren"'t the only people needing jobs. To make something clear, theft is to intentionally take something that does not belong to you and to not return it. Dollar Tree needs to re-word that part of their policy.

Jan 28, 2017
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  •   Jan 28, 2017

    Whatever the case maybe, you stuck store money in your pocket and left the store with it. That is theft. Sucks, but it is what it is. You should have left that $20 in the register.

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  • Ee
      Oct 02, 2019

    @Wine Is Good If the manager had not called me I would have kept it. It is the manager's neglect. She should have counted the register first before I went home. She set me up. If I were given a chance I would have admitted I needed some money for grocrries.

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  •   Jan 28, 2017

    It wasn't the manager's negligence that got you fired. It was YOURS. What is worse is that you can't see that.

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  •   Oct 02, 2019

    Already that's a god-damned lie. They won't issue a register one dollar bills in any amount other than the papered stack of 100 they come in.

    Try to explain this

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