Dollar Tree / sexual orientation discrimination, an malicious gossip

Beaumont, TX, United States

The comments from the second manager was made to another manager, two employees, an also two customers about getting rid of all the gays hired an convicts... Pictures was taken to start this process of harassment... I was informed of this, I asked to speak with the manager, she called my phone irrate, she was very rude.. She then became irrate with those who told on her, she continued to pick telling another employee that she was gonna get rid of everyone that she can not trust anyone up at work an we just wait an see, she also charged another gay guy up about being a convict... The head manager was contacted she became biligerent an told him she is not worried that he is a nobody when confronted with this, she came back to work, telling another employee an customers of getting rid of everyone by this point. I have contacted a lawyer.. An would like a response from corporate... This is a classic case of sexual harassment an malicious gossip with intent... Here's my phone number [protected] an my name is brandon thanks so much for your time

Oct 23, 2017

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