Dollar Tree / service would not return payment

I shopped at a dollar tree in chicago at 5335 w lincoln ave. I brought in 4 coupons 3 registered 1 did not and the manager screwed up the bill i went back and told him to just give me my money back he said no, first the manager maurice rings up a wrong bill then he will not give me my money why does nt he get a gun and rob me this is the worst service i have ever had in a retail store first the register will not take dollar tree coupons then the manager will not give me my money back, is this the kind of manager the ceo of dollar wants representing his stores, maybe they can hire some more thugs at this lousy store it will be the last time i shop at any dollar in the country 11-12-16, go and talk to the owner of this store, he told me to go and call corporate maurice the manager did he should be fired yesterday with his attitude

Nov 12, 2016

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