Dollar Treeservice

Store number 1004 Everett pa, my family go to this store offen I was in the store with my kids and there was a lady stocking my boys tryed to go down the isle and said excuse me and she didn't move so I had to get a couple thing in this isle and I said like the boys did I guess she got made because she didn't want to move she was stocking popcorn and throw the bags in the box almost hitting me I said nothing and walked over her and went on my way while I'm in the next isle I here her tell someone why are you coming down here you know I'm stocking and then told the lady she just said that because some guy just walked over her so after I let here know I could here her talking about me im right here . Anyway as both workers was laughing at me I asked for the manger and much to my surprise the scound lady was the manger so I asked for the works name they both laughed and said Sally the manger name tag said ash so after I left the store my brother and sister in-law was out side the store getting ready to come in so I stop to talk to him and the manger comes out side and I had to leave or she was calling the cops I told her I'm talking to my brother she laughed and give me the thumbs up ty Ben [protected]

Jan 29, 2017

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