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I was shopping in Dollar tree one of my favorite places to shop, there was a lady that works there named Brenda, she wasn't very polite to me as well as the lil girl she was working with, I got the hint maybe a manager there. Her tone towards this lil girl was very rude and unpleasant. I felt so bad for her. The little girl was working both register and on the floor so she was coming back and forth. Little girl had to call for back up as what she said on speaker, then Brenda came up and said you gotta move faster I don't have time to help you BC your slow. Then took one person in line and walked away saying figure it out yourself, I got things to do. I felt so bad for that little girl. That lil girl continued to work and try her best and was very pleasant. This isn't the only time I've came in and she's been rude. Thank you for letting me contact you and it being so easy.

Jan 25, 2017
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  •   Jan 25, 2017

    Not. Your. Business. How she treats the employee. You see 10 seconds of a situation. You are not there to make friends. Just get your crap and go.

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