Dollar Tree / safety and security

While I am estatic about all of the wonderful things that Dollar Tree has to offer, I am very concern with why this company does not take the time to protect its hardworking employees and merchadise. I visited the location inside of Westside Shopping Center in Baltimore, MD today. The customer service was A1, and I was able to find the merchandise that I needed by the very professional and kind manager I could definitely tell she knew her products and invetory -I believe she said her name was Keisha.It's just a sad thing to see areas like this that require security/cameras and constantly watching don't have security at all times.The weekend is not enough-someone should be there all the time. Customers get out of hand often and security needs to be the one that removes them not the cashiers, workers or managers.Please make this happen for a valuable customer who spends nearly $200-$300 on your merchadise monthly for my business.
-Queen Hope

Dollar Tree

Jun 04, 2018

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