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Dollar Tree / racial profiling, stereotypes, discrimination

1 Tallahassee, FL, United States
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I was in the Tallahassee Florida store #4128 on Village square blvd, the cashier was a Caucasian lady in her 30-40's name Nichole.

I frequent this store 3 times a week and the employees are generally pleasant but there's one cashier that has checked out before who may have issues with race. There has been times when she didn't greet me as I was in line, she has placed the money on the counter instead of in my hand, she has given me my change and didn't say thank you, and then there was yesterday's actions. I went to purchase items for myself and a coworker in which we paid separately. I asked to pay for the food(my items) separately and she asked me would I be paying with EBT aka a food stamp card. I was appalled, why would she ask me, an African American woman, am I paying with food stamps?. I was racially profiled, discriminated against, labelled, and any other predjudice placed on another human being as it was with Starbucks and the Waffle house, this incident was about the same. I spoke to the store manager(Earnest, I think is his name) about it and he made excuses and saw nothing wrong with her actions, apparently he does the same thing because he thought I was complaining about him, he then to said I could call the number on receipt to give creative criticism. This is not criticism, it is the use of racial undertones when addressing African Americans assuming we all are on public assistance.. that's all! No other employee has ever asked me that before, and I haven't heard them ask customers before me that was paying for food products only, the manager's excuse was they ask before about EBT because they can't change it when the transaction is over without a void, why not have some training on how to address customers and don't just assume all African American customers use food stamps.

Jul 19, 2018

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