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Charlotte, NC, United States

Im complaining about the dollar tree on plaza I have been working there for a month and a half, the store manager name is Carol Sullivan she treat every female assistant manager in her store like ####, she doesnt get along with them, she talk #### about them to the cashiers, sometimes to the customers, she have one male assistant manager in training that she favor alot, he doesnt drive or have a car she pick him up and drop him off at work she sometimes leave the store unattended with one cashier by her self so she can take him home, she cut all of her female assistant managers hrs to 34 hrs per week and give it to the part time assistant manager which is her lover as far as know part timers get 20 to 25 hrs per week but her lover get more than 25 hrs she is so unfair to her employees, I ask for a transfer and she told me no, can they decline our transfer request???she doesnt do anything all she do is sitting in the office or outside smoking, I over heard her telling one of the assistant manager that its not her job to do frieghts, or changing end caps, unload tge truck or conversions she said her job is office paper work Dollar tree dont pay her enough to do any labor work, I cant stand her shes lazy racist and mistreat her employees, she give the hours her favorite employees and give the rest of us 4 hours what kind of bills can i pay with 4 hours???Really dollar tree???you guys are desperate for store managers you put who ever that would run a store with no class no profession, Serious Racism, Discrimination, Prejudiced Trashy Unprofessionalism to represent your business??? Theres a cashier name Tichelle she drink alcohol while on the clock carol knew about this but not take action the store is empty and sad someone need to check on district 331 Store 4259 is going out of hand

Jan 17, 2017

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